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  1. thank u guys heaps cause i restarted the mission and this time go through. yay. now im on the next mission which is a pain but i will get there. thanks again heaps for all ur help.
  2. ok, thanks guys. i really love these sort of games. i will restart the game again and check every spot i can.
  3. ok, i will try that and see what happens. thanks mate. well i tried what u said and other ways of trying to get to the buildig but still no luck, so i have decided to quit playing the game as i cant go any further. thanks guys for all ur help.
  4. rocky, i have just redone the mission again but when it comes to that big round about i still cant go anywhere, i have even gone and searched to make sure i got all the enemies and then i come back to where the vip is but can not get near him. i have ran around trying to find another way in but no luck.
  5. its a bought game. i got it from eb games the other week. when im standing on the big round about if i try to go straight ahead to where the vip is i get the leaving mission bit i have even tried going to other places that could get me to the building but no go, its really doing my head in
  6. thanks franglen but it doesnt matter where i go it keeps saying im leaving the mission. i have tried going everywhere so i can get to the building where the vip is but still get the same thing.
  7. hi guys, im writting in regards to a problem im having with my game. its avanced warfighter. im at the section where i have to protect vip2 but icant go past the big round about for some reason when i do all i get is u are leaving the mission and i have to go back. can some one help me on how i can get to the vip please as its starting to get up my nose as i cant go any further. please help.
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