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  1. Thank you Wombat, I have seen all the models that came from RS. Thank you again Teppe, it is gonna take me a little while to dload the Civil War mod.
  2. Thank you Teppe, I will check it out. I want the hat for a few charactors that I would like to make.
  3. Does anyone have the textures for the LandRovers?
  4. Has anyone ever modeled "cowboy" hats? Does "Texas Militia" feature "cowboy" hats?
  5. I could make use of a "Highlander". In one of my Vietnam books, a SF unit had a Scottish guy that would play the "bagpipes" at the beginning of a few firefights. At first the enemy would break and run, then the Scott was eventually wounded. A VC prisoner later explained that they were at first scared to death of the sound of the bagpipes, then a reward was offered to whom ever could silence the "bagpipe". I believe that I got this from a fiction book named "Warstory".
  6. Any "cowboy" hats around? I'm trying to make a "Chuck Norris", Texas ranger character......
  7. I'm tryin.... I don't that my connection is good enough but, want to check it out.
  8. I wish that I could but, my internet connection is too slow....
  9. My dload of Chemms landrovers is inoperable also...
  10. Question... How come I do not see more famous characters? After 10 years of GR, I have only ran across one "Rambo", and one "Jesse Ventura"? How about Arnold schwarzenegger as "Commando"?,, no "Terminator"? No Chuck Norris?(Delta Force)? No "John Wayne"? Are there no others?? *Edited for spelling Arnie's last name wrong.
  11. I've had it happen to me twice( I've only been using it for 2.5-3wks). In Igor, I save to desktop, then copy/paste from desktop to modfolder. I had a map disappear after 3-4 days of work...
  12. I am new to this game and forum. I have been reading most of this forum. When I see a post that you brought up, it is usually interesting and educational. So, I am glad that you have been "digging" old threads up.........
  13. LOL!!! I just thought of that and looked and saw your post. I have been using a computer actor. Works fine on player controlled actor....
  14. 5 drops from 16.01= 3 deaths and 2 no effect.... 5 from 17.01 = 3 deaths and 2 no damage.... This is a computer guy that I am teleporting to an effect and dropping on the Embassy map.
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