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  1. HI Long time GR player-enthusiast. I dont contribute a lot to the boards so, forgive if this is a "beaten to death topic" but I was so looking forward to the GR sequel and "they" are taking the coolest aspect of the game away!!! (Homer Simpson sobbing) Why, oh why RSE, damn you. Absolutetly the one charateristic that I loved about GR was the ability to toggle in and out of various characters during missions. My heart sank reading the recent preview in one of the gaming mags...PC Gamer I think. Unless the AI are brilliant and the variations of tactical maneuvers are extensive, being stuck behind the eyes of only one character watching glitching, twitching AI bump into each other as I give commands sucks bad. well, anyway. What is the prevaling thoughts behind this change in the game? Good? Bad?? Thanks J
  2. HI Have been playing lots of COD lately.....inovative and very cool in many ways but overrated I think.... Probably a thread somewhere about this so if there is point my way please. Just wondering if there has been any news about GR2? Thanks
  3. HI Love the entries for the Sig contest. Nice Rocky. Always wondered how to make them. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Ageed with poster.... But there are some really cool ports from SOAF that noone ever plays, rare Frostbite rooms, and 10mm made some great new maps but are never up and running. Besides, GR is turning into CStrike...lots of sophmoric, team killing, no team work BS going on. Really hoping that GR2 is under way. Looking forward to Call of Duty
  5. HI Cant wait to play this mod.... But cant seem to DL the thing. I get to the site, go to the DL, begin and the DL times out and get a message that states that I can not Connect with the site r something to that effect. I am using DSL so I am not getting droped off line... Is ther going to be a dl from file planet or other mirror? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info and the offer, I will check out the plug in toutorials. J
  7. OK. Dont laugh... Thanks for the help, but how do you convert a picture to the rsb. format? There is a certain mod that will go unmentioned that I use in MP but the splash screens are a bit......somphmoric. Wanted to change them....Oh wait, I'll just replace them with something from another mod...but I would like to use my own art.... If I did want to make my own, how do I convert the jpg. into the rsb. file? Thanks for any help
  8. HI Is it possible to cahnge the picture on the menu screen? Thanks for any hlep. J
  9. Sorry for the DAgrm question. DOnt want to start anything, I realize there is bad blood out there regarding this mod series but there are so many servers running it.... Noticing a 4.9 version now. Anyone know where to get it? TY
  10. What a great great mod and lots of good MP maps. Are there any deticated servers for it? Would love to play.
  11. Love the mod, love the lng firefights. Some of the tangos wont die...like putting a full clip into him. Any way of tweeking this? Thanks
  12. why doesnt such a great mod have more MP servers? Know of any good ones?
  13. HI again. Soulution semed to be to unistall all FB entries, DL the large patch, reinstall both and everything fine. What a cool, cool mod....awesome Just wish there were more MP serves deticated to it.
  14. Hi Upgraded to version 2 and my sounds are very muffled opr not working at all. Thanks for anmy help Win ME Intel 805 CHip set P4 2.0 512 RDRAM Leadtech GF4 TI 4600 AUdigy Gamer Klipsh 5.1
  15. HI Thanks to all the mod makers...make GR worth playing. Hope this is addressed in GR2 but can anyone make a trip ire or sensor detonated Clay? Makes sense. Maybe I just need lessons in how to use what we already have. Does anyone use them?
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