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  1. Hi John, I forgot to tell another thing, The centerdoors of the hangars won't blow of complete. I think the tank and garbagebox are blocking its blast way.
  2. Hey John, Yesterday afternoon i have tried the map with Rico686, DERAT an Boebes. I was hosting (Rahnmans). first we didn't had anyproblem until MI17B (we still had to clear MI17A) and i crashed. same error message as Blame... So i started the game up again but at that point we could not finish anything at "laptop" so i restarted the game again but it made no difference? i dont know if its the map or just my system what had a problem? After that Boebes hosted the map and all went good until we were near "call airstrike" and he at that point. so we havend finished the map jet but what i can say its for as far as i know now a very nice map aspecely the basement.. I hope to play the map soon again and i hope to finish it without any crashes.
  3. Well after a little pushing of Rico i will write my point of view here. (without google translator). First of all i di like you're maps John.. But i don't have any problems as said above in the map (only standart Graw2 crashes). I saw Rico spawned up the building but it hasn't happend to me (so far?) But i have seen some things that maybe can be changed. I saw some AI stuck against the wall in a few buildings and they where trying to get out (walking/running) Building tot the right where 2 tanks can come out an the smaller building to the right of the high building (seen from first respawn). And there are some snipers up in some buildings and watch you but they won't shoot?? (or i was too fast) And could it be possible to replace the respawn near "Fort" more to the center. Because if you play in "normal/easy mode" the thirde gate won't open or make it possible to open the gate your'e zelf?
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