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  1. I was pleased to see Punkbuster will be supported....it's better then nothing.... Link Here
  2. The server side of UBI games has always been a problem even with GR. I wonder if UBI every asks themselves why so few game server providers host their games. Make the servers CPU and memory friendly, remember GR:AW 1 using 100% of a core? It would be nice to be able to rent a shared server and not a dedicated server to host a game.
  3. 1)Replays: I prefer the replay system used in [GR], but can live with demos from each player. 2)Punkbuster: I know some will disagree about PB, but PB goes far be on checking for cheats. Ladders use checks to even the playing field, making sure playing are using the same settings so some don’t have an advantage like removing sound files or setting the video settings to a point they can remove grass and more…
  4. Came across this on the bestbuy site and ebgames. BestBuy
  5. http://www.fileshack.com/file.x/11076/Ghos...con+-+Full+Game
  6. I seen a few post talking about S&D is the only mode without respawns. You can set the number of respawns in other modes like team death match. We have a spawn limit of 3 on team death match, set on hardcore mode, running 7 minute rounds. Server IP: Edit: Thread should say other than S&D
  7. I enjoyed the games last night myself. You can tell AFZ was playing like a team. I'm still learning the game myself, but I think you can shoot the claymores, before you move into capture the flag. What problems are you having with your server? PM me if you would like any help.
  8. I can't speak for LigHtsPeEd, but my team went way over 2000 matches, if I had to guess I would say around 6000 matches in a two year period. SS from web.archive: http://www.dmegaming.com/match/209_matches.JPG Look at the number of matches the top five teams had, and note the over 200 matches a day. Note: TaG used a 12 week cycle most of the time.
  9. UBI lobby was the back bone for finding matches for TaG...10's of thousands of matches were setup using the lobby. Once the lobby chat was stop matches dropped. I will agree there was a number of kids in the lobby, and later it was hacked to death, good or bad it played a major roll in GR.
  10. I'm not sure what games you have played, but most games with an anti-cheat system also have a SP side. Quake 4, Prey, COD Series, Doom 3, F.E.A.R, Rainbow Six...and more. I also think most of the problems with GRAW is the engine. The very basics for MP are missing, from the simple fps built into the game to more important demo's and anti-cheat system. I find it hard to believe that UBI would tell GRIN to remove anything from their engine.
  11. Did you install the drivers for the x2?? http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...1_13118,00.html
  12. You may not care, but many teams and players do care. Keep in mind Quekel, what happen wasn't a one time thing, but happen many times even on his own ladders.
  13. I'll agree that the default setting on PB are about worthless, but if used like a tool with the help of sites like PsB it does help out a great deal. I've submitted cheats links to both even balance and PsB, even balance you get a thank you reply and no updates, with PsB you get new cvar/md5tool checks within days.
  14. The problem is GRAW 2, much like GRAW 1, it's not competition ready. Unlike GR, which was great for competition play. Without demo's and a working anti-cheat match play will be about the same as GRAW1 , which was very poor. Back in the day GR had about 300 matches(adding different ladders together) a day, you'll be lucky to see that in the life time of matches for both GRAW 1 and GRAW 2 added together.
  15. I'm in standby mode, after GRAW 1 and the lack of support for the MP community I see no reason to drop another 50 bucks. No one on my team has picked the game up.
  16. Slide will you be playing on the ladder? I'm not here to start trouble, but we go back a long ways (CH-Q I think) and we both know what happen then.
  17. Maybe I'm mis-reading your post.. You downloaded a map/mod that change an original file in your game? And you don't like PB because it let you know this? Myself I don't like mods changing my original game files.
  18. The replay system in GR was good for busted noob hackers, glitchers, and exploit users. Try busting a skin user or someone who would toggle names on and off at the start of a match with replays. There was just no way of stopping the hacks in GR, busting a noob hacker with retlock was easy(using tools) or the hacker who followed names around the map, but busting a season hacker was another story. You could spend hours on one set of replays and still not be 100% sure. I been playing AA for the last year and our server streams to PsB, does this stop the hackers? NO, but the tools and configs helps a great deal. The AA community is second to none when it comes to stopping hackers, you have sites like http://www.hazardaaclan.com/history/index.php and http://www.redsack.com/ that track hackers. AON, ACI, PsB, and AASA that help bust hackers. It's just a great community all around. Now if GR would have had both replays and PB I most likely would still be playing today. Both together would make a nice anti-cheat system. @ruggbutt I only played Farcry for a short period of time on-line(mostly playing OE), but long enough to learn about pHaez. Our first bust with a screen shot Click Here
  19. viiiper, you have more then one IP to the server? Can you change the IP and use the same port?
  20. GRIN follow CryTek, and find another publisher.
  21. Thanks Viiiper, this is very good news. Just one question was the server idle? For the guys talking about uploading the full game, I could see if the game was 100% MP, like BF2 or CS:S, just keep in mind it's a one time deal.
  22. How about the CPU usage? Is it like GRAW 1 100%?
  23. Banning by cd-key sounds good, but I wouldn't want my $50 cd-key stored on someone server.
  24. I agree with FlimFlam, demo or not, MP FPS should come with dedicated server files.
  25. Filefront I'm getting around 700 download speed
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