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  1. Just a quick update; I've tried a few more mods... at the very least WoI and Heroes Unleashed are now working. IDF is still not working. I think I may have taken IDF from my Mac and never actually redownloaded it as I was testing that out... so we'll see if that does anything. Awesome that HU works, though, as one of the cool things about this is that I can play HU against myself or a local friend multiplayer very easily...
  2. Hm... Tried that, and though this is a nice change (things were kinda messy having the two GR folders active at once) it doesn't seem to fix the mod problem. Is there anything fundamentally different with mods on Mac and PC? AFAIK it should be the same... heck, for most mods, I should be able to just stick the mod directly from my Mac Mods folder onto a flashdrive and put it into the PC Mods folder. But for some reason the same mods, downloaded the same way, extracted the same way, etc, do not work on my PC. I can't help but feel that this has something to do with Steam, even though as far as I can tell it shouldn't be any different than a CD installation. ‹
  3. I've been playing GR on my Mac for awhile now, but I'm trying to get it working on a PC laptop (Windows 7) that someone passed on to me... I never got Desert Siege for PC so I tried to get it on Steam... for some reason Steam didn't recognize that I had GR installed so wouldn't let me buy it by itself. So I decided "what the heck, lets just buy the whole GR package." Which I was cool with, because GRAW is probably kinda cool to have even if its not quite as good as on XBOX or as the original. This is when my troubles started. Out of curiosity I decided to see if my original copy (which uses a CD) would work with the Desert Siege... it looked like DS was moved into the Mods folder, so it should have. But for some reason, now my PC doesn't recognize that the disc is in the computer... even if I'm launching from the disk's autorun menu! I'm not a PC guy so I don't know how to fix this, but it seems like some sort of pathing issue caused by now having two copies of GR... if someone who is more familiar with PC could help me with knowing how to fix that, that'd be great. But at least the Steam install works.... unless I put a Mod in the mod folder. For most Mods I've tried (Blood Oil, Heroes Unleashed) the game won't even open, most of the time, if the Mod is in the mod folder. All I did was extract the mods into the mod folder... that wasn't working, so I even tried extracting the mod on my Mac (as I know thats been working for my mac version), putting it on a flash drive, and putting it into the mod folder on the PC... still doesn't work. Sometimes it does open, though... for example, the IDF mod and Silent Killers 2 and War of Infamy 2.5. Occasionally Blood Oil has worked too. But once I'm in the game, activating the Mod doesn't work at all (Silent Killers 2 doesn't add any maps, all the kits are empty, etc, Blood Oil does nothing but add a campaign option that CTD when I try to use it, IDF CTDs whenever I go into a team selection screen) and, if I try to quit out and restart the game, the game now won't open unless I remove the Mod from the modsset document. The only Mod that works at all, so far, is War of Infamy, which does allow me to activate and use it. But the WoI application that allows you to select theater, time period, forces, etc, doesn't really work... the second I tell it to actually open GR and play it doesn't work, saying that it can't find the CD. This is even though it is in the mod folder of the Steam-based GR. So... any ideas on what could be going wrong? I could post the Ike and Ike Crash logs but as far as I can tell they don't say much beyond the fact that various run time errors are going on.
  4. Still recruiting? It seems like you can't play anywhere if you aren't part of a clan (either for tournies or on passworded clan servers) and TOS seems like an active group. I mostly play with Heroes Unleashed but OGR is fine too, as are many other mods. Don't know how good I am... I'm great at playing against the AI in firefight and such, but thats not necessarily representative of multiplayer ability, and I've never really played multiplayer.
  5. You're right, of course. Reinstalling doesn't take that long, so thats what I did. All the mods (including Frost Bite though I haven't tried FB/SF combo) work. I couldn't bring over my original game saves (although I tried to bring them over alongside a few other things... options, heroes unlocked, etc) because they caused the game to crash, which is somewhat disconcerting, but ultimately my Heroes Unleashed Saves still work and thats basically all I use unless I'm playing another mod now.
  6. Ike.log defaults to open in console and that doesn't seem to work. Opening with text edit just gives the version (1.4) and doesn't give any other info. Not a big computer guy, I'm sure you can tell (except some java programming). I've fixed this issue twice before with other mods. Once required a reinstall. The other time it just needed to have the mod taken out. Not sure why one was one way or the other, I was hoping someone would know possibilities but if not I'll just reinstall.
  7. What the title says. I'm running a 10.5.8 Mac. Ghost Recon's been working fine, as have most Mods, but I tried activating "FB/SF combo" and not only did the game crash, it now won't start again. I tried taking the mod out of the mods folder but it still doesn't open. I tried taking all of the Mods (not counting DS, IT, and Origmiss) out of the folder and it still doesn't open. Note that originally I was activating the FB/SF combo over DS and IT and no other mods. So any ideas on how to fix this, or do I need to reinstall?
  8. Cool. I'm curious as to how you made these videos... anyway of "free cam" without modding? What about just setting up two AI teams with specific stats? Not sure how to do any of that myself without modding (which I don't know how to do either).
  9. Just getting into GR multiplayer. I'm mostly using Heroes Unleashed but just the original expansion packs are fine too. Played on the "GR Forever" server the other day for the first time but apparently it is down. So, any other servers that are running frequently?
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