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  1. http://echoactualgaming.com/rules.php?ladderid=16 Any takers??? no disrespect but this forum is hardly active.
  3. any news on when the site will be back up?
  4. Agreed 100% if anything the latch on to cover is and does hinder you from completing your intend coordinated destination to the objective and it also can get you killed more often.
  5. PSN ID: smilecry Region: USA Country: UTC-5:00
  6. hey man I am just like you in the same exact situation still in the same squad looking to do squad matches, have team work, and move up on the leader board add me or I will add you when I get home and we can set something up.
  7. The ACR with AP rounds, p90 with ap rounds, fn-91 handles like the acr, goblin modded inside out is a beast, vss,srr,with ap rounds or exacto ammo, msr all the way with exacto ammo and a suppressor is still a one shot kill. Now as far as pistols goes MP-412 POWERFUL BUT YOU WILL NEED TO BE PRECISE WHEN SHOOTING CARRIES LITTLE REVOLVER CARTRIDGES, NO NEED TO MENTION THE LATEST PISTOLS ADDED THEY ARE POWERFUL BY THEM SELVES, OTS-33 ROLLS LIKE A SECOND PRIMARY, KRISS KARD IT'S DECENT.
  8. Hi guys been at this for five months and got into a squad the #1 squad on GRFS played a couple of squad matches and now dead due to MOH my squad went to this game now I have it but not a FPS player got it to pass the time once in a blue moon, still looking to play squad matches it's an addiction for me now that I've got a taste and want to keep my high going so if there are any one of you like me please add me on PS3 I would like to have as many team mates as possible to do this still in the squad and hopefully if I can get a nice/good amount of players for a roster I will ask for a promotion
  9. you can add me too or i will add you have not got a chance to add some people from here but just like you need people to play with.
  10. Hey guys GRFS unlock pistols are now avilable all of them
  11. yes I will hit you I am trying to do the samr thing too.
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