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  1. Just downloaded some packs from these. http://www.tacticalgamer.com/ghost-recon-advanced-warfighter-general-discussion/126409-coop-map-pack-graw-2-a.html
  2. No one ever done it solo before I assume, or have they? I like the original more, a bit more open approach to me.
  3. So my first try of GRAW 2 from Original Ghost Recon and coming from ARMA 2. I didn't like it too much with the AIs insta headshotting and dumber than the original (they weren't as deadly accurate in a cheap matter even though they still were). I tried a bit of online coop. There's everyone who dies at least once, some a bunch of times and etc. Some even die around the beginning but I'm wondering do people ever play with no respawn or limited respawn before and have people ever avoided death?
  4. Just got GRAW 2 just now.... doesn't feel the same as GR. AIs are dumber and cheaper as well... instant headshot me more easier than GR1 but its not like fair shot more of a cheap shot. Maps are more linear to me, one of the coop mission I tried there's only one approach. In GR1 I can go many ways around and have multiple entries... its not as open as GR1 to me...
  5. Ahh I mixed up CST for being 2 hours behind my time so I thought I should be up at 2 PM. Got the wrong timing as well, I'm PST so I should be on at 10 AM to be on track with your time. Well I had practice today so I got back at around 10:30 and had to mow the lawn. Doesn't gameranger also have a build in voice comm as well? I'll get C3 later to play with you guys.
  6. I added you on gameranger. I don't got C3 yet though; I usually use TS3 for voice comms. Is there any expectations for me to be available at all cost? I do have school and a busy schedule at times or sometimes I'm on other games.
  7. I'm thinking about maybe wanting to try some coop sometimes with people but, I'm wondering, are you guys okay with newbs? Just a bit nervous to try at first and getting yelled at for not being good. I haven't played GR before, but I gave a shot on the campaign (on elite because I'm feeling insane). I get owned of course after I get to the caves on the first mission on singleplayer and by the AIs super deadly accurate shots. I have experienced other tactical shooters like ARMA 2 (about 500 hours so far NOT including time on the mission editor) and America's Army. Got very minimal experience with Ravenshield and SWAT 4 (was much easier) too. I'll probably only play when I'm available due to school.
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