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  1. 2 engines, 1 kickstarter, but who's counting? :P

    Greenlight is weird... no one but Valve seems to have any idea how a game actually makes the cut.

    Votes don't seem to matter.

    Valve early access is interesting, but I think that like you, Valve wants to look at and play with something first.

    As do we, but we went and did a DNF by swapping engines :P

    Worth it though... honest!

  2. For anyone who backed the Ground Branch Kickstarter, be sure to check your email for a KS update and help us out by filling in the included survey.

    Ground Branch is being made. But we need a little help in getting over
    this hump so that we can open the flood gates and finally get
    development moving at a consistent pace and get the game we all want to
    play faster.

    - The BFS Team

  3. The SOCOM community got behind Serellan, much to the annoyance of many old-school tactical FPS lovers (myself included). Even with that support, Takedown struggled, right up to the end and got lucky with various posts/tweets/what have you by 'high profile' people.

    Ground Branch did remarkably well - more then $100k with out major endorsements or compromising on its vision. I'd imagine it would have done better if there were less naysayers and more people willing to put a little bit of money where their mouths were.

    To finish, should I give a who twcrash is?
    They appear to do nothing but stroke their own ego and whine at people.


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