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  1. Hi iv started a new blog spot on Facebook so if you can follow the link at the bottom have a look and just let me know what you fink iv only just started it so not a lot on atm but iv got plenty to add including guns, heatmaps tactics everything to do with GRFS so please come have a look and join the group so we can share everyone's ideas and tactics http://www.facebook.com/groups/GRFSBLOG/
  2. So iv been reading some new rumors of Ubisoft Paris is trying to put forward the concept for GRFS next as they are calling it I.e GRFS 2 I hope so because Ubisoft really let players down with not keeping up with patching and maintaining GRFS
  3. ok so I'm tired of trying to play GRFS Online when everyone just runs off doing there own thing and supplying no support when capturing objectives it make it next to impossible to play. I play online most night and am looking for a.clan to join who work well as a team to support team members. I have a Mic and work well when it comes to relaying information on objectives suppressing fire and enemy position and tactics atm I'm playing lvl 23 rifleman if u want to message me with clan details or invites reply here or IM me on PSN my in-game name is AP9MobFigaz.
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