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  1. hi all I commented that there is a game mode called SKYPEGHOST you can download it from here MOD SKYPEGHOST [Link Removed] Uploaded by Ser ... not if you're interested no problem but I recommend it see you later
  2. hello how are you my friends yesterday playing on a map I do not remember the name but it was so siege had much lag not because and I was on the edge of a wall Top of a ladder and I looked out and shot but it is the case that gave me the lag sometimes ends glued to wall without being my intention and accuse me of tt I said I do not tt and admin caught my attention From what I understood I too stick to wall repeat was not my intesion but I apologize if so due to the lag try not to hit me but apparently I could not always be separated. they are many player recommendation play no sieg
  3. ok . From what I understood not trap , thanks for the help.
  4. thanks , but I need you to see it and tell me if it's cheating or not gracias , pero necesito que lo veas y me diga si es trampa o no
  5. HELLO HOW ARE YOU I WOULD HELP ME WITH SOMETHING, I WANT A REPLAY OF TANK MAP was played at about 11:30 PM MEX TODAY 23/08/2012 in which I am accused of tt, my friend ghosty. by which ask the replay to see what you and I say if trap to stop doing the movement , I hope to help with this . HOLA HOLA COMO ESTAN ME GUSTARIA QUE ME AYUDARAN CON ALGO , QUIERO UNA REPLAY DEL MAPA TANK QUE SE JUGO A ESO DE LAS 11:30 PM MEX HOY 23/08/2012 en el cual se me acusa de tt, mi amigo ghosty . por el cual pido la replay para que lo vean ustedes y me digan si es trampa para
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