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  1. Sent 22 October 2012 - 02:04 AM Gunz you were banned for cheats. Glass walls/names, and retlock/combat aim. Much more I would like to say, but this will have to do. buh bye. (this is the pm zazzel send to me) Well, this is so ridiculous, i dont even have words for this.. im playing this game since 2001, never ever hacked, know this game better then all of u, almost everytime the most kills.. I know that people dont like to get killed/raped alot, but this is all in the game... when i started playing on this server, i PM apexmod about the admins that give bans or w/e cause they dont like a player, or a player wins everyime.. well, c what happend apexmod... hope ur admins will get sorted out.. PS. (I would like if someone can show me the replay. so i can explain how this game works) Thnx, Gunz
  2. I think i was just trying to get the other people a good map.. sry if i did something wrong..
  3. [DELETED] here u can still download the full gr version Admin edit: I have removed your link as I believe the download is a hacked version, I suggest you take some time to read our forum rules: [3.7] Warez : Links to warez sites or discussion of warez is not permitted. Breach of this rule can lead to legal proceedings against this site, and will not be tolerated. Software cracks that remove the "CD/DVD check" are against the Ubi Soft licensing agreement and are included in this rule - which is strictly enforced. Posts containing CD-keys and links to sites of CD-keys will be deleted.
  4. Hello, I'm gunz:) nice to c that there still a server is where we can play thnx alot!
  5. IGS was alot of fun! miss those days...
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