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  1. Hostage has two types of wins, take hostages to smoke and the other is to kill all of the opposing side. In case of playtime ends which have more hostages at its base wins the game, and if you leave after tie for action, it should play denuevo the map. or the other option would be to play with no time limit, so that if you leave or if a winner. 3 life for each player, so that the match will not last forever. =) all this, What server mini tournament will be played in?
  2. Confirmed: | R'c. Instead of domination, does not seem to play better hostages?
  3. Team Name: |3's. Break Skulls Team Leader: |3's. TitaniuM^ Team Members: |3's. TitaniuM^ |3's. FulLe[R]* |3's. PuMpKiN |3's. Demonio. |3's. DooM. |3's. LordHooD. Contact Info: Send private Mp
  4. Interesting, my team is hungry for tournaments, anything let me know by MP. I have to 6 players. Best regards. ** Interesante, mi equipo tiene hambre de torneos, cualquier cosa que me haga saber por MP. Tengo a 6 jugadores. Saludos cordiales.
  5. AutoBanned HACK? LOL, never in my life have I used any hack or anything like that, not happened and I have reasons why I'm giving explanations but I think your reconlog crude has banned me, I consider myself one of the players who do not cheats and one who always tries to avoid any conflicts, but if your decision is to leave me out of your server forever and keep your thoughts to use weird things. are first shall be last and distrust. =) I will never use that HACK. ( I ** another point to be Deputy Administrator I have to ensure the players of the community in which I find myself, especiall
  6. FNG saker, Sorry to have posted in the wrong forum, I mentioned it in this way to find out who had made effective admin ban, since at that time was Sneeky SER and, later in the case had not been intentional tk to publish in this the appropriate forum for the ban claim wrong, and thus not admin wrong, only with that intention, now if it was intentional TK ablare with the respective player, to stop these evil practices will only discover welfare game and its players. Best Regards Disculpas por haber posteado mal en el foro, lo comente en esa forma para saber que admin habia hecho efec
  7. Hello, Sub-Admin titanium'm in GRChile, I need the replay the rising intentional tk Batusai made ​​the player on your server, the admin who made the BAN for 2 hours must know what happened and what time map TK. greetings. Hola, Soy titanium Sub-Admin en GRChile, necesito el replay donde sale el tk intencional que efectuo el jugador Batusai en su servidor, el admin que efectuo el BAN por 2 horas debe saber en que mapa y a que hora ocurrio el TK. saludos.
  8. Problem solved, thanks for wanting to help me =) (I had to modify some parameters in my router, but no big deal) Thanks.
  9. Ups, but if this list is automatic, you get my ip cooperation could there?, Because I have never committed a foul on your server to be on the list, and could not change my ip that is that some programs use remote control can fix it?, or how I can fix myself?.
  10. Hi, my name is titanium, I'm from chile and usually play in server GRForever, now I have the following problem will not let me connect, I do not throw any errors, just will not let me enter. my ip is can see if it is banned or if it be for ban ip range, so that the exceptions agregen please, thank you very much beforehand. (excuse the English translators is google,: P) Atte. . oP.TitaniuM
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