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  1. There's 2 Dedicated Servers at the moment. The GR Chile Nod Server and the SB Argentinian server. If enough northamerican/european players want to play we could try a US Dedi to suit their needs. I always had in mind that the GR Forever would be perfect for this. In the event of no reliable/good Dedi server, Defending Teams have a chance to host the match themselves. If the backup server does not meet decent lag expectations, Attacking team will try to host. The idea is to try to host a good match, and prevent re-scheduling which is a major factor in this type of league.
  2. World Domination League 2012 - Last Stand The Latinamerican league has been around 2002. Around 2006 it was decided to change the typical scenario of laddering/tournaments and build a new league system. This was the idea behind WDL. http://www.ghostreco.../liga/index.php Every clan has defaults territories of their own wide spread in the map. Each territory has a setup of Maps and Gametypes allowed and clans can challenge neighbors for that territory. Every clan battles for supremacy, whoever stands at last conquers the world and wins. The website allows team creation, roster management, challenge management, clan/players customization and a number of fun stats. The challenge system allows teams to create/accept challenges with day/hour validation and depending on current combat status. A team can't challenge unless previous challenges are finished, a team that is defending a territory cannot attack until defense has been executed and finished. Also the site has a comprehensible match date system allowing attacking teams to propose 4 dates (2 week, 2 weekend), defending teams picking their preferred day with 24hours restriction, therefore ensuring a match per week basis. That and the inclusion of air tickets per consecutive wins, makes it very dynamic style of matching. Requirements: • 4 members min, 10 members max per clan. • Desert Siege & Thunder Island Expansions. • SkypeGhost Mod. [Link removed] • UAC3 Anticheat (mandatory) http://uac.ac GameTypes: • Liga Conquista Mundial (Enhanced C&C), Hamburguer Hill, Search & Rescue. Rules: • 3 Maps per Territory played best out of 3, each map is played best out of 3. • Dedicated servers are required, in case of none available defending team has preference. • Attacking Team chose territory to attack, Defending Team chose gametypes and colors. • No cheat, no glitch, fair play. SIGN UP NOW! 8 CLANS REGISTERED ALREADY!
  3. Elite Ghosts (-eG-) ThEcLoWn drax gunz Tragedy More will be added to roster as I confirm.
  4. Xfire is great, but I was really surprissed with the simplicity and effectiveness of GameRanger. Haven't read anything regarding putting up a dedi in GameRanger tho', I always assumed it couldnt be done. Any ideas?
  5. Take your time man, there's no need to rush anything. It's better to have a long test run than a painful month of fixing.
  6. I got my old GameRanger account working again, I hope I catch a GR server. Really wanna play again, its been too long
  7. xup guys and friends are still interested in playing a tournament
  8. This looks really beautiful, probably what every oldschool GR player is looking for. Congrats and keep up the good work!
  9. The hostility towards drax in this and other posts is gettin' retarded. It's an opinion from a guy that has played more GR matches than all of you combined, and its also probably the opinion of most (if not all) oldschoolers from the ladder scene, which ironically are the ones that continue to play here despite the years and the lack of competitive scene. That you should take in consideration my friends. Truth be told, not many ppl would consider downloading a 1GB Mod (Heroes) for a game as old as GR. That's nothing to do with recognizing the work of a modder (which is very valuable), its just practical thinking. Everyone requires Game + 2 Expansions already just to play the game in any available room and you put Big Mods that no one but you guys know. Besides, there's hardly other room available to play Multiplayer. End result: The restrictions just blocks the average player that just want to join for a couple of fun rounds in his/her free time. And yes, the server gets very low numbers because of the same reason. If you wanna play by yourselves the way you want to play the game (COOP, clearly) in the weekends because that's the only time you get to play then by all means, put a password on it and let your friends play and that's it. It's you server anyways...
  10. why woud gunzo be banned from server if he barely plays the game
  11. ^ im with stupids. get xup guys like bennie, choud, slammer, aussie, macprotects, etc.
  12. On range ban I pressume, can you add me to Exception List?
  13. Sounds good, I could get the xup guys back on the train. Keep us posted bro.
  14. To be quite honest it does not matter the way you play, you get recognized by the contribution you make to your team. You can be a tactical camper/rusher or anything in between as long as you play the game according to mission objectives (Siege = Defend/Attack, LMS = All about kills, Domination = Control points, HH = Control the middle). If you want a different approach I'd suggest you change gametypes, maps and rules will not change the way ppl play. BTW, the argument of playing the game as its supposed to be looses all meaning the moment you step into Multiplayer, that's why nowadays everytime an online game appears you have a multiplayer disclaimer. To have a tactical display in a team public server is just not gonna happen...I'm afraid the only way that could work it's either singleplayer, co-op, or matching.
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