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  1. Abertawe Im from Merthyr, Nice to see the Taff's going strong. speak soon Nos Da
  2. Didnt think of that Hammer, yes many people having a bad time on west coast, we have a local school trip stuck out there, my heart goes out to all involved. Where in wales you from?
  3. Thats rough, hope you get the money back, such a shame when people have no morals
  4. Cant get these to work, just crashes game when I try to play replay???
  5. Hi could admin take a look at Docks, 22/8/2012, from around 22.08 hrs GMT and for a few games thereafter. thanks
  6. Your Ban has been removed after consideration, see you in the server! Best Regards, Saker Wow, Very grateful, many thanks. Will be sure to watch my mouth in future (well my typing at least) Thanks again
  7. I Agree, I was having a bad day and just blew. Again sorry to all. See you on the 12th
  8. Hi, I admit fully to the abuse, there were obvious cheats there, not sure about disruptive behavior though. However in the words of Charles Manson 'I'll do my time, then stay in line' Apologies for any offence caused, Been a player since Rainbow days, have never been banned before.
  9. Thats fine, where does one find out about these things???
  10. Hi been trying to join the server games this evening and keeps going back to multiplayer screen, this is through Xfire or when I put ip address in??? Any ideas?????
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