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  1. Any way to restart at checkpoints in multiplayer co-op missions?
  2. Is there any way to patch yourself up during a campaign mission? It seems if I get hit early on I might as well just restart . Realistic? yeah maybe but I was hoping that I could get back to the Mule and bandage myself up or something.
  3. That's exactly what I am finding. Yeah I have these three guys with me, but I am basically going lone wolf in a lot of instances. I'm wondering if this is how it is meant to be, or whether I just was not using the controls correctly.
  4. So how do you use them to take out an enemy that is behind cover? Do you need to move them into the open using the overhead view and then hope they see the guy and shoot? ) Hmm...if I am right, I guess I will need to use the Overhead tactical and manually string waypoints along to get a guy into position to shoot. Is that how you work it? ) I've not used the overhead tactical very much at all.
  5. Currently I keep getting the notice that the team has to Move in order to attack. If I give the attack order on a target, I'm expecting them to move up in cover until they have a shot, and then take it. Is there a way to get this type of behaviour from your AI teammates? If I move them into a position where they can attack, they end up in the open sometimes and take fire. I noticed that Ghost Recon Future Soldier had this feature. You could tag enemies, and your AI Team would move into a position where they had line of sight. All help appreciated
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