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  1. fyi server down....... hopefully fly and saker will apply to b admins :'> ...s pete hmmmmmm ....unfort. with all the players ,not understanding english, there will always be problems. i played in a server , long time ago, that modded the mm 1 to not fire, the oicw gl to pause in between being able to launch... as in real life fire.. good mod...we even had a mod called pistol n frags, where pistols had a zoom, fun mod. recon log is the way to go,just my 2 cents, if a player is gonna cause trouble and or cheat with the probability of being temp. banned or perm. banned they usually ....
  2. hi, just stopped by to introduce myself game name GW ...let me pick myself up off of the floor haven t seen or heard the name SAKER for quit some time ...glad to see you are still around.... i to have been playing this wonderful game for 10 years plus. i would like to suggest the fly guy for an admin pos. he to has been around a long long long time... . has been an admin. for other sites ,is comp. lit.,RETIRED...... just my 2 cents...thanks and thanks for having a gr site up
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