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  1. Hi If some ###### didnt figure out draxy was draxpwnzjoo on the server I can only congratulate him! Dont think there is much similar names on the server? I havent been on the server becoz it has all the mods activated on weekends, I would be happy to pop there tho. I dont think makes any sence since I had some beers and vodka tho. But eventually I m with clonwn with everything that he supports, but cant BOTHER to read his post. tyvm ya and gunz shouldnt be banned coz you dont like his style of owning ya... Well I m a total mess laters ... I hope you get your server up soon!
  2. We used to have hypernia server for gr, that was a beast 36 players on training and no crashing.
  3. atm I see 0 players on the server, but other server with regular mods got 6 players.
  4. Well I posted my opinion on the other topic, before it got deleted. But lets just say I m not a big fan of mod weekends.
  5. We will play Team Name: gN - gangnam Style Team Leader: me? Team Members: drax gunz kurupt - - - Contact Info: I m always on xfire: dragerax Still askin some people for the team
  6. I think we shouldnt have any mods on, especially on weekends since there are no players on to play with them. I myself cant even bother to download any of them and I think lots of people think the same.
  7. HI, I m a Ghost Recon veteran and I been playing this game on leagues and ladders longer than anyone here. I know I can assist you to keep this server rolling.
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