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  1. Hello Consultant for GR.net I appreciate you supplying us with a GR server to play....especially since the 10-12 year run of the DK server is over. I would like to make the suggestion to you, that you run the server with Reconlog and assign some responsible individuals to admin the server. Already, we are seeing a greater influx of players in the server. Many have been banned by various servers, and the now defunct, Replaycommittee. In the most recent games we are seeing a lot of glitching, tip-toes, and accusations of cheating, which lead to profanities, and even tk wars. Already some of the better and honest players are getting frustrated and possible thinking of uninstalling their GR game. Without the ability to review replays and to keep out the cheats, the server will soon go the way of the rest of the servers, and I for one....do not want to see that. Cheers Flyguy I guess I should add..that with the password being on a public forum, and no admins monitoring, a lot of peeps think we should just play the maps they want to play, and will brazenly go into the game and change it to what they want. It's very childish...but that's what we're dealing with.
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