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  1. sweet man, hows the range?..

    make some vids man

    I've got it sighted in to 60 yards. Last year I shot a deer, at 30 yards, the arrow passed through the animal, and buried into the ground 13 yards beyond. The angle was slightly downhill. That's with my old bow, with a lot less speed! That's also the farthest shot I've taken on a spot and stalk hunt, Getting close is the most fun and biggest challenge of the hunt.

  2. the PSE Dream Season EVO is $850. That's the bare bow. Rest, sights, wrist sling....all extra.Pretty much top of the line, so I can say this will be the last bow I will buy. No need to upgrade.

    Crossbows are not allowed in Alberta, unless a doctor signs off that you have a physical disability, and can't draw back a minimum 40 pounds. They are legal here in BC, but I hunt both provinces.

    Nice bow & story.

    I had a feeling you would be hooked after the first time you went and took your animal with a borrowed rifle

    Now look at you!

    Welcome to the brotherhood!!!!!

    Best Regards,


    Yes...after that moose trip, I bought my own rifle. Ever since I started shooting a bow, I haven't shot my rifle once. lol If I get another Limited Entry draw, I'll have to dust off my 30.06 and see if I can hit anything with it! :)

  3. Thanks...picked up a bow last year, for the first time. Shot a deer with it, and now I'm hooked. Nice to harvest an animal....but the whole spot and stalk is a hoot. At 200 yards with a rifle the hunt is over. At 200 yards with a bow..the hunt is just beginning! :D

  4. Went to see Wayne at Big Game Archery,in my home town, to pic up my new bow today. Was getting antsy, waiting for a sight to be delivered, as I'm heading to Alberta for Mule deer on Monday. I was really sold on the 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO, and decided to get it and use my 2010 PSE Bowmadness as back up. Wayne did some fine tuning for me, and then it was off to the range. Sweet bow! It's a 60 pound bow, and I'm shooting it at 60 pounds, with a new Qad Ultra rest. I did not paper tune or walk back tune it. I just started adjusting my sights to 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. No left and right adjustment needed. Nice Wayne! After shooting countless arrows... and getting tired, I decided to call it a day, and come back tomorrow, and double check everything. I noticed I had one Slick Trick Mag broad head in my odds and ends box, in my bow case. I decided to shoot it at a Tim Horton's coffee cup lid on the 50 yard broad head target. I nailed it! I mean...dead center! I retrieved the arrow, I had my own Cabela's target set up at 60 yards, and thought, what the heck. I fired the Slick Trick and bulls-eye! I shot a field point next...and bulls-eye as well. I shot one more filed point and well....it humbled me. :)

    The best thing about this is no broad head tuning! I had Grim Reapers packed just in case, but looks like my Slick Tricks will be first on the bow again this year. Thanks Wayne! ;D


  5. This cheat and ban list has gotten out of hand. It was notification for all, as to who was banned, why they were banned, and for how long the ban was for. The offender could reply to it for an explanation if needed. It was not created as a discussion forum for those not involved. We have about 12 or more incidents, but 12 pages of postings. Pretty difficult for an admin to sort through all the posts, to find past history.

  6. why do you want to request a replay anyway? because there is a 100% chance that you will be proven wrong like you have once before. and you will look like an absolute idiot on a public forum.

    I would never discourage anyone for asking for a replay...it can save a lot of future grief by studying it, and see what the admins or anyone else was referring to. It's also part of the job of the admins to post the replays.

    Now as for glitching...IMO a glitch is a glitch where you shoot or not. It gives the glitcher an unfair advantage of seeing where the other player's position is, while the glitcher is in a position of not being able to be hit. Do you think it's fair that a player can crawl the length of a ditch in full view of the enemy....getting shot at numerous times and not be hit? In the meantime his team mates can see the muzzle flash and tracers of those shooting and kill them? If you accidently lay down in a glitch..get out of it..as soon as you are told or you noticed it yourself. Do not use a glitch to your advantage.

  7. 2 day ban for afking? That's a joke, just kick him next time lol.

    As FNG Saker stated, Wolverine has been afk repeatedly....and that is a fact. He is always doing it. Many times game after game, then he exits! He should just exit the game and rejoin when he is ready to play. Kicking him is an option, if there is an admin in game. A two day ban, may cause him to be a little more considerate!

  8. St2 Worm, St2 Illpill, and Splinter Cell....keeps changing IP to get past ban. I've placed a permanent range ban, until he comes in and explains himself.

    Turns out this guy played on the DK server and was banned there as well. Constantly glitching and bad attitude. Most common names were Polecat and Mr Moxie

  9. Here are the maps you've mentioned. Please review them and if you see an issue, please PM the server admins, with the player's name and what you suspect the player is using. We will watch the replay and decide what should be done.

    The server admins are:



    FNG Saker





  10. Kobudo....thank you for the apology...the ban was in place so you would come in and we could resolve the situation. The apology is appreciated and accepted. The ban is lifted. See you in game,



    Kobudo.... gracias por las disculpas... la prohibición era en lugar así que llegaría en y podríamos resolver la situación. La disculpa es apreciada y aceptada. Se levantó la prohibición. Nos vemos en el juego,



  11. yes...you were banned to get your attention to come into the forum. You were told by me, not to change the map. You changed it anyways. I changed it back, then you went in after me and changed it to the map you wanted...not once but twice. This server is not yours, and is for all to play. This server has lots of maps, and we get tired of playing the same 7 or 8 maps over and over again. I will lift the ban, once you acknowledge that you understand this.

    sí... fueron prohibidas para llamar la atención para entrar en el Foro. Dijeron por mí, no cambiar el mapa. Has cambiado de todos modos. Cambiarlo nuevamente, entonces salió detrás de mí y cambió el mapa querías... no una vez sino dos veces. Este servidor no es tuyo y es para que todos puedan jugar. Este servidor tiene un montón de mapas, y nos cansamos de jugar una y otra vez los mismos mapas de 7 u 8. Levanto la prohibición, una vez que usted reconoce que usted entienda esto.

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