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  1. Ok thanks Pz3, good luck with you job.
  2. Hi, no more news about this mod?
  3. Really good, keep it up👍
  4. Hi Jack, i like them, but what do you think about putting some Seals with AOR1 and Multicam? Brian Carter (Centcom's Seal demo specialist) in AOR1 and Multicam depending from the theather in example.
  5. Hi Jack, maybe some mk16/17 rifles and stand alone fn mk13 grenade launchers.
  6. Thumb up to TF 245! great job Jack! thank you.
  7. Maritime ghosts looks very cool Jack, i think they could be coolest without the skull patch on the left arm, but if you like keep it.
  8. Good idea the camouflage for the coat, no chances to see some characters with ops core helmet? Or maybe replacing the standard CENTCOM bdu with multicam?
  9. Peltors looks good! also with Helmet and ballcap, maybe with some nvg device or with goggles Mount only.
  10. I think that this mod should be dependent to CENTCOM only. I'm thinking about to include some HK416 with Mp7 for the seals characters, and HK416 with 1911 for delta force. This and some new missions should be the direction to follow in my opinion.
  11. Great room clearing Jack! Nice idea mixing regular SF characters with specialists, i was thinking doing something like this too.
  12. Wow very realistic, playing Dingo's Lair missions and noticed that lot of bullets for killing an iraqi insurgent without body armour if you don't shoot him in the head or abdomen vital parts, i'll do more tests later.
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