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  1. I am looking for some decent co-op play with coms I am dayglowfroggy on xbox live cheers .Had enough of GRFS already it's not in the same league .
  2. Bought this game because I wanted to play the massive co-op maps like on GR2 if I wanted frustrating multiplayer then I could play cod or any one of the other clones. I don't mind if they use vertually all of GR2 but just give us extra maps etc .. I hate having to earn weapons in multiplayer unless you play hours and hours you just get killed without a chance it even feels like your doing something wrong as you get the drop on someone only to get killed as they have better guns , one word PANTS . GR2 was wicked but i will be selling FS as soon as I finish the single player . Can't get gorilla to work as it only alows friends was hoping it would be co-op like GR2 but no . Does anybody on here know of any alternatives that have a similar experiance to GR2 ?
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