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  1. I'm finishing off the kits and kit icons, should be done soon.

    Sounds great CC. :)

    There will be 3 more specialists for CQB: I'll reskin the standard rifleman, support & demo marines with green & desert flightsuits, black gloves & balaclavas plus CQB weaponry (MP5N, Benelli). 

    Awesome, really looking forward to the mod. :thumbsup:

  2. Activating an Allied OPFOR skin should convert the player to VC or NVA.

    I wish that were possible, but the GR engine doesn't allow it. Which is why I had to come up with the OPFOR mini-mods to change the AI enemies. It sucks that the server has to go down so that the OPFOR mod can be activated, but it's the only way to go about it.

    Rebar, contact me about this...I got an idea  :devil:

    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with MP :( but I definitely know its possible, but a drawn out process, in SP. :thumbsup: I worked with Jack57 on Brothers in Arms where the player was a rebel in Panama fighting against the Ghosts. With the YOTM team's approval, its basically replacing the standard soldier CHRs with the VC CHRs, creating new ATRs, providing the proper kits (AK-47s, SKS, RPGs, etc), and slapping the respective RSBs in the right place. If this was done as a separate mod, you could actually play VC against your OPFOR Allied troops. To be honest, I did a little "unofficial" experiment :whistle: and it works though its only eye candy right now since the VC still speak in English (but that could be updated too). To save time I copied the VC CHRs and renamed them using the YOTM CHR names (that way I didn't have to redo any of the standard ATRs). The soldiers did show up in the VC skins but because the CHR used "default" heads, every now & then you'd get a VC with a grunt cover, etc and naturally they all had non-Viet names. IMO, it would be best to have the VC CHRs select a specific head, rather than default, to make sure you don't get any round eyes. :lol:

  3. You're all right, it's probably to late to implement all that into the final version of the game, but that doesn't mean it's also to late to implement such an option into in a possible patch, so there's still hope.

    Who knows in a patch but anyone familiar with the GR1 or Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear series knows there is usually an expansion in the works.

    The GR community already proved it's still having a lot of highly capable modders and with a good documention maybe the modders could do the trick - maybe even with a bit of support by GRIN! ;)

    I agree. If memory serves me right, it was the dedicated modders who added the flying helos. And what about some of those modder-created maps & campaigns? A lot of good stuff out there. Of course, it was RSE's forethought to include IGOR so the game didn't go stale.

  4. duke i joined up right after vietnam,and in to the cold war.

    I did 24 years ... mainly surface, flying, & subs mostly in the Caribbean, CENTAM, SOAM, SEAsia & the PAC.

    those US uniforms bring back memories.excellant work! :thumbsup:

    To all those concerned, I'm sure "gulf01" meant excellent work to the mod team. I don't wish to claim credit as I wasn't involved in this project; but I agree excellent work guys. :thumbsup:

  5. I never really got to try Hidden & Dangerous that much but the demo I tried I was pretty dissappointed with.

    Not to highjack the thread, the original H&D was really buggy but there were definitely some maps & missions that would have been great for GR1. HD2 fixed alot of the H&D problems but as in any game, including our beloved GR1, some things could have been better.

    Personally, I enjoy one camera ( FPWV or OTS or whatever ) not a blend of the two.

    Just my thoughts.

    Blending the two views does have its good or bad points depending on your viewpoint (no pun intended). The FPWV gives you the more realistic LOS but OTS does give you that life-saving advantage for peeking around corners. :thumbsup:

  6. I would probably go to 'Iron-sight'/'scope-zoom'. The problem I have with the FPW-view is that your rifle is almost all the time in your view. While with body awareness it would be more correct if it would be 'lost' from your view when it should be. As long as the rifle is always in your view with FPW-view, It just gives the idea that the rifle is 'stuck' to your eyes.

    But rather than having the weapon completely dissappear until the sights are drawn, what about a delay? I have no idea if this is even possible but just consider and criticize me.

    If you were to make an "unusual" movement ( i.e; looking at the sky ) the gun could be down momentarily, then come up with you rather then sticking the whole way. I think it would be irritating the have the gun down until the iron sights are drawn because that kind of defeats the purpose of FPWV.

    Hidden & Dangerous II (HD2) had FPW & OTS views but the weapon was normally at the carry in the far lower right corner of the screen in the FPW view. The weapon was not in your face until you brought it up to fire using your iron-sights or scope. In fact, there was an on-screen crosshair which allowed you to fire most weapons (not sniper rifles) from the hip in an emergency. Anyway, the soldier would lower the weapon back to the carry after a short delay if you were no longer firing.

    HD2 gameplay and the missions were quite good & challenging. :thumbsup: Unfortunately the game was not mod friendly so once you played the mission you basically were left at trying different ways to complete the mission at the four different levels. :( The thing I liked about it was the weapon & uniform selection process was similar to Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear. Pick & choose rather having to rely on ready-made weapons kits. I could never figure out why GR1 decided on the kit system. It just didn't make sense I had to choose whether to take a pistol, extra ammo, or grenades as my secondaries. Glad I didn't have that limitation in real-life.

  7. Still waiting for feedback, or is it perfect? I'm highly doubting it's perfect, so you all get busy and test it already!

    Kudos to the mod team. :thumbsup: RL has limited my time with the mod but I haven't had any probs with any of the skins or missions that I've tried so far. [bTW, try the Cuban beach house mission (ARVN 10) with VC OPFOR & you have proof Charlie DOES surf. Or they at least have surfboards.] :D

    I've read the replies and I've worked on many mod projects during the past 3 years (mainly with Sixpence & Jack57) so I know the time & trouble spent even putting a "simple" skin mod together. Anyway, here are a couple thoughts:

    - I think many folks thought they'd be able to play as ARVN, ANZACs, etc. against the NVA / VC in YOTM. Considering the many different skin mods, folks like to try out new camo & weps.

    - Activating an Allied OPFOR skin should convert the player to VC or NVA. Sure its eye candy but its also a mind set. You are now the "enemy" or rather the local VC freedom fighter fighting for his homeland against the round eye aggressors (blah, blah, blah). Something just isn't right about wearing OD green and shooting your former allies.

    And no I'm not a VC sympathizer. Actually I'm a Vietnam-era vet which I'm sure is pre-history for many of you. ;)

  8. This looks like my cup of tea, but looking at the system specs I would probably just get frustrated at frame rates and chugging It would spoil it  :(

    No PC upgrade for me for a while, I meet the minimum specs but lets face it what they quote to have it running realy well (which I would want) ... is a pipe dream for me at the moment.

    Any kind of demo coming out at all? (didnt see anything on that link) ... then I could at east test it and see.

    You could always check out ESIII:Morrowind. :thumbsup: Look for the GOTY Edition since it already includes both the Bloodmoon & Tribunal expansions. The graphics are circa 2002 but there is a lot of good gameplay there and that's before third-party mods. Don't know if you get Computer Games magazine (www.cgonline.com) in the UK but they gave writeups in this month's edition (April 2006) on about 20 various Morrowind mods in their Mods & Ends section. Hope the info helps. Aloha.

  9. OK, I put a boot disk in the drive and it went through the motions after I turned the PC on. There are images on the floppy as I tried it on a different PC.

    Is it a Windows issue?


    First off, it's difficult to say whether it is directly a Windows issue? Each has its own idiosyncracies but depending on your response to the following questions, we can determine whether its more hardware or software-related. Okay, time to put those VA-paid college computer courses to work. BTW, please don't get offended by the questions but it is important from my point-of-view since I don't know how much you've done.

    - Going through the motions: What happened? Were there any screens? Error messages? Was this system working before you inserted the diskette?

    - OS: Which version are you using? (W98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro)

    - OS changes: You asked about BIOS, did you do any changes to your system?

    - Image: When you say "image" ... do you mean a bootable image like from Norton Ghost? Not image as in JPG, BMP?

    - FDD: Again, you stated that the PC went through the motions so I will assume the FDD is spinning and that all the connections have been checked inside (no loose cables?).

    - FDD Explore: Does your system actually show the FDD (A drive?) as being present?

    - FDD Device Manager: Is the device working properly?

    - FDD Driver: Are you able to update the driver via device manager?

    - Boot disk: Are you sure you used a boot disk and not a data disk? It strikes me a diskette would be too small for a Ghost image (though admittedly I haven't worked with Ghost) but I know a standard Windows boot disk only has the necessary start-up files to get the system back up (i.e., no graphics).

    - Readable diskette: Can you read files off the boot disk on the other PC?

    - Working Boot disk: Did you try to boot the other PC with your boot disk to ensure the boot process works?

    If your FDD is "present" and supposedly working properly, the cables tight, and the boot disk can be read / works on another PC; then there is a strong possibility that the FDD is the culprit. A year of non-use and dust bunnies. But seriously, the FDD may not be totally dead but as I mentioned in my previous reply, a misaligned head can also cause reading problems. Considering the time & frustration, it just may be time like Logos stated to purchase a new FDD.

    If you consider a purchase, might I recommend an external USB-powered FDD. If you purchase off-the-shelf, you'll notice most PCs these days do not have an FDD. I don't know how long you intend to keep your diskettes but the bennies are you can move the external FDD from system to system without having to open up the case.

    I hope the info helped. Aloha. :thumbsup:

  10. The thing is, these idiots are not bothering me (well they are I suppose) but what they are really doing is soaking up my time that I was going to spend on other things that the community would have benfitted from, which really annoys me. I had plans for GR.net this morning, instead I've been wasting time stopping a DOS attack.

    Relax and have a pint mate. You can always say it was my shout. :thumbsup: If I learned anything going to college in Oz it was the importance of visiting the pub. No worries. She'll be right mate. :lol:

  11. One IP banned and reported, things seem a lot better now.

    Sorry about that, but I can assure this this does my head in as much as it does yours. It was probably some disgruntled kid who got banned for stepping out of line.

    I guess they couldn't wait another year until April Fools. Mahalo (thanks) for quick response Rocky you know we appreciate your hard work.

  12. I got the following error when I tried to send a reply. Luckily after a couple refreshes my reply was still there.

    mySQL error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11)

    mySQL error code:

    Date: Sunday 02nd of April 2006 09:56:28 AM

  13. gonna create all of these skins for one big mod somewhere down the road..... :whistle:

    APRIL FOOLS!  :yes:

    Some people just have way too much time on their hands or maybe not enough since the mod won't get done. <_< And I was so looking forward to the mod. :lol:

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