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  1. Hi all, I would like to make a plea to the Wildlands Dev. team: please include a first-person-view-only-option into the game. It's not too late yet! I have nothing against people playing and liking 3rd person view, it's just that there is a vaste number of players out there that would like to play this game in a more realistic way. More OGR-feel if you like. Please Ubi, leave no man behind. Best, Koelshooter
  2. Mods, date, servers and any other stuff to be announced soon. Probably keep amount of mods limited so everyone can jump in. Currently also reaching out on Steam to various GR communities. Thanks for the positive vibe so far. No Fear!
  3. Date and times to announced soon. Do PM me your servers/ts-channels if you like to participate.
  4. Please let me know when your arma 3 mission is done with GR sounds! Steam name: koelshooter Lock and Load!
  5. 10-4. Will start making some noise about this and keep you posted. Lock and load!
  6. Just wondering...would it be an idea to declare a certain day Ghost Recon day? Have servers up and running for 24 hours, reunite with old friends online on various TS channels and in game. Celebrate the game, the good times, and still the hope that one day the game will be just revamped. Just an idea! Best, Koelshooter
  7. If Wildland will not have a 1st person view only - option Ubisoft will miss out on a very large number of players that will stick with other games like Arma, RB6 Siege or OGR for that matter. Is there a philosophy behind this? Is it a huge technical hurdle to program such a feature? Well, they still have a year to make things right...:-) Best, Koel
  8. 1st person view should be the standard if they want to aim for the realistic approach. I have no problem with 3rd person view if driving a vehicle or making a parachute jump; it's sometimes just nice to see yourself :-) but it should switch back automatically when leaving the vehicle or land on the ground. Thinking ahead: it would be nice if at least the host of a multiplayer coop game can set it on 1st person view only for all players that join. Have Ubisoft do a poll on 1st/3rd person view. Best regards, Koel
  9. Hi Burner, hi all, Maybe check this link to see what Arma 3 can do, if played like GR. And I would totaslly help with sound files if it came to revamping GR, no fear! Best, Koel Somun Coop (find us on Steam)
  10. I tried that first Rocky, but it said you could not receive any messages...mailbox full I guess... Will try again right away, otherwise if you don't see any message from me, please delete at least on of your messages, so mine will get in ) Thanks, Koel
  11. Hi there, Is there a way to order the GR flashdrive besides the PayPal method? Maybe with an IBAN bank number? I am more than willing to transfer the money in advance ) I tried ordering 2 flashdrives, but apparently 1 is the max? And PayPal keeps sending me error messages about my account and the used email. I used PayPal ages ago and have no clue what email adress I used for it. Hope there's more ways that lead to Rome. Best regards, Koel
  12. Very good suggestion. In Arma 3 you have several options, depending on which level you play (recruit/regular/veteran/elite) On Elite there is no option for 3rd person view and then like-minded will find themselves anyway. Hope Ubi does the trick )
  13. I really hope it will be first person only. Such a different and way more realistic vibe I'd say. Exited however! Best, Koel
  14. I will take care of sounds and tunes if we had a group, and the money...and the machine. Is there no way of contacting former people that were involved in GR? If I was a millionaire, I would invest money in a revamped GR for sure.
  15. Let them give us all the data, we do it ourselves...) Nice post Rocky.
  16. Hi all, If you like tactical coop with a realistic approach, join in for some games. Server name: Somun TS3 server: nimbo.stratus.fi Default mods run: Desert Siege Island Thunder BB-AIO (weapon pack) BH_CLN map (no red enemy dots on map) More info about our group and used mods and where to get them: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/somun Best, Koelshooter
  17. In addition: digital download via Steam available. Works as a firing machine gun! Best, Koel
  18. Hi all, after reading mixed messages about OGR and win8.1 I just installed it to see what would happen. It turns out that the game runs fine under win 8.1 The Xfire-in-game-feature caused a crash, but disabling that did the trick. Best, Koel
  19. The exact right place to post these videos. No fear!
  20. Wombat, thanks for those specs. Will dive into it and check the igor guide as well on the topic.
  21. Zeealex, thanks for the upbeat message. I can create any sound you like, make theme songs, wind, blasts, firing guns, etc etc. I need to know what exactly is the format you would need them in: mp3/mp4/aac/etc etc. And is there a time limit to sound clips. Anyway: some food for thought already. I will pm you my email, makes things a bit easier. Just for the sake of it: check the link, download it and give it a listen. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1055 Best, Koel
  22. Wow, just read the whole idea...respect in advance. In case you need some new sounds to it, let me know. I work with Logic Pro 9. In case you're interested, simply drop me a message. Best, Koelshooter
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