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  1. Apex (and others of course),


    I just bought Squad which is still in an Alpha phase. This game could bring back that GR-feeling. No HUD, 1st person only, tactical. Apparently I am looking for the GR replacer as well...:-)

    Hence I am into Arma 3 as well and I think it's the best replacer out there as far as tactical realism, however...the game for me gets killed by the mind blowing amount of mods: at some point you need to have 14 mods to play a single mission. Hmmm. But I have had great GR -like- sessions with friends with that game.

    Can't we start a crowd funding to polish up GR and bring back the KING of all tac. shooters? We start to sound like the Lost Souls...maybe a good title: Lost Recon.




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