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  1. So nothing changed at Ubi. Guys, you might want to check Zero Hour instead. Nice to be home again btw. Ultimate website!
  2. Dear Struth, we're about to go Graw2 again, so thanks in advance for your installer!
  3. Missing In Action: Hydrocide/Hellspawn/Baires/Linda/Deadeye/Mrs. Deadeye/Elkhound Others might be found on Steam; Charlie Coop From GR to Arma 3. best regards, Koelshooter
  4. Very nice. Burner, what name you use on Steam? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Wombat, I record with my graphics card (asus nvidia 1070) and just use windows moviemaker. Works for me and thank you for the kind words.
  6. Hey Lightspeed, we normally play on Friday and Saturday nights. At around 21.00 CET. Always welcome!
  7. You see...it works :-). Just some eye candy. And hee, another one for you (all).
  8. Original GR missions brought to Arma 3 by Lightspeed. Check out the vid and enjoy!
  9. This footage convinced me I to totally let go of Wildlands. Arma 3 and Lightspeeds missions; now there we have the GR-feel. Best, Koel
  10. Only Coop indeed, elite, no respawn, max 9 players. Default Mods: MP1/2 bh_cln_map Other suggested mods can always be put up of course. No Fear!
  11. Not dedicated, but regularly up: Charlie Coop TS3: nimbo.stratus.fi
  12. While going on a mission, why not have the military radio sound when communicating with your mates? I love it! Best, Koel
  13. I bet ya: full squads again before you know it. I lock and load as I type!
  14. Apex (and others of course), I just bought Squad which is still in an Alpha phase. This game could bring back that GR-feeling. No HUD, 1st person only, tactical. Apparently I am looking for the GR replacer as well...:-) Hence I am into Arma 3 as well and I think it's the best replacer out there as far as tactical realism, however...the game for me gets killed by the mind blowing amount of mods: at some point you need to have 14 mods to play a single mission. Hmmm. But I have had great GR -like- sessions with friends with that game. Can't we start a crowd funding to polish up GR and bring back the KING of all tac. shooters? We start to sound like the Lost Souls...maybe a good title: Lost Recon. Best, Koel
  15. Made the same switch and am equally impressed by and hooked on Arma 3. No Fear
  16. Hi Willmore, I also have GR installed, running Win 10 and I had no issues whatsoever. You might wanna try getting a Steam-version (really cheap and always worth the money); it might just do the trick. I wish you luck! best, Koel
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