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  1. you have to advance if you dont i will kill you in your spawn. its up to you were you want to die.
  2. bump, your not the only one theres tons of us that have this issue and its getting old fast..
  3. You can see your Kdr but they didnt put anything else in that we want. One thing that I cant figure out is how they could put in your wins but not your losses? ######. Wins are pointless unless you can see how they match up to your losses. its also a way to judge a player apart from a kdr, thanks ubi stat fail.
  4. Ya the game is full of bs. 2nd im no chump im a serious gamer that brings the heat, and know what im doing and talking about. these problems exist and in numbers. people under maps glitching <<<< 2nd biggest problem Mics dropping party chat<<<<<<<< The biggest problem server connection dropping sometimes detections will get stuck on you even though hacks r long gone, sensors and so on. Most people die before they notice. had a game on sandstorm were i was HVT (which Im always HVT) and I was capturing a interact that went to a attack defend not a demo. Game also fails to launch with full and even teams delayed spawn and loading indicateds the game is bugged and lagging so I leave those quickly.
  5. handsdown the ak200, runner up is the tar21 and a91.
  6. spend the money go over $200 for a decent headset.
  7. This is a problem for many on ps3. Seems like every party that join rooms has to do a mic check and find out who cant talk. Me and my wingman play and can only get about game before one of us lose chat but can hear the other person. We both have cable and fast internet. We use top of the line headsets and optic connections from the ps3. mesg me in game or on here if there is something im not seeing
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