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  1. I haven't read the rules for the site and I don't care. I love this game, it's amazing. But for some reason it doesn't want to be loved. I just got out of a game (Conflict at Underground) where my team would capture the sensor or resupply and less than a second after it would change color to red and the enemy had it. Without going anywhere near it. I've been in several games now where player have been under the map. Mill is especially bad for this and I've had trouble with Underground and Pipeline also. Another issue I'm repetitively running into is my grenades never explode. I throw one, it lands and it just sits there. No boom. ######. This also occurs with GL's. No idea why. I know the game is relatively new , but when are we going to see these issues fixed. These aren't your standard connection issues, these are major programming issues. 7 of my online friends left Call of Duty with me to play this and have already gone back. There are only a couple of us left and I'm determined to see the game at it's full glory. It deserves to be fixed, Please.
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