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  1. learn to be sneaky with the camo, then you wont die -stun-claymore is GREAT! for setting up at objectives, which gets you data hack -thermal scope works VERY! well on sandstorm, but besides that is great for seeing in general. And of course through smoke, cloak. -in close-mid encounters lets see how well you go against someone who knows how to use an overgased P90. -(twI'm not sure if any other classes get it but OTR Scanner are where the points are at for the most part) Besides the fact that it shows where the enemy is even through walls. Scout may be the least "helpfull" to the team, I wouldn't underestimate the class. I flank and sneak up on guys lots. You gotta play with a good Scout user lol. Not a guy who lays down on the Market map and snipes invisible.
  2. I think the first FPW is Soldier of Fortune or DOOM. And .. Alternative Respawn points are the exact purpose of Spawn camping. How did this not get mentioned.
  3. -Level your guy (forget what class uses it) and use a Jammer. They're effective agaienst Sensors, UAV's and disrupts the enemies HUD. -Shoot the UAV out of the sky (easy 300xp...).
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