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  1. Correct. Choice is for both weapons at a decision point. It is the "X" button which is NOT located in the decision box. It is located below the box but clearly labeled Both.
  2. Site is certainly well maintained. It is much appreciated! On the topic at hand, In my experience I believe the uav and the sensors are pretty good balancers for the Engineer class early on. It is aggravating to be detected most of the time in some matches, but that will keep you on your toes too. The engineer class is the weakest class in my opinion because the guns are pea shooters and the shottys have minimal range. I do believe the drones should be disabled in Siege mode however, especially the ucav! That thing has become a server killer! Just my opinions...
  3. One thread in the ubisoft forums speaks to this issue. Only "answer" was from a junior member who states that ranking one of the characters will resolve the issue. I have not had this problem so I am not speaking from experience. Good luck, I know that would really chap my azz.
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