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  1. well the damage done depends on what part of the body is hit. I don't know too much about the combat model numbers, but to be able to take 8 AK rounds you probably need them to have heavy armor and 8 endurance.
  2. I have a request regarding a skin of mine. As I don't have PS, could someone create an invisible alpha channel over where the head texture is? Texture That's the link. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I love when Snow gets bored
  4. Is anyone here familiar with Danish war author Sven Hassel? There's a big debate about whether or not he's genuine, personally I think some of the stuff he writes about is far fetched, but his earlier works are the most realistic. Anyone know of any forums dedicated to him, I sure can't find any! I like Wheels of Terror,though I haven't been able to find any books of his in English.
  5. I had this same problem in my Civil War mod...kinda hard to use bayonets at 150m
  6. your models are so sexy, damn if only i could do have as well.
  7. I really would like to help but im' pretty tied up with SWEBAT now. Unfortunatley I lost almost all of the material for my new Civil War mod ( ) so I guess that's out of the picture. Otherwise once SWEBAT is fin. I'd definitely be able to help.
  8. I was always under the impression that GR guns were kinda weak, especially the 9mm handguns and Mp5, I had the honor of seeing an MP5 shot this weekend and let me tell ya, that thing is powerful. I guess it's easy for us to underappreciate these things in games but to see how devastating they are up close really shows you.
  9. As far as I know, a lot of SF missions are conducted at night.
  10. @Avey's pic: Wow, can somebody say GR tangos? Very nice picture, I have the utmost respect for those fellows fighting in Chechnya.
  11. what i really want to know is how they got the OP4 soldiers in DS ending video to walk with hands on their head...
  12. @Tyovan: Have you finished reading Redemption? I have read Trinity 3 times, it is my favorite book of all time. What do you think of it?
  13. Is that the face texture I sent you Snow? With all the camo paint on it, I can't really tell if it's me...??
  14. i would love to see some of those models in GR
  15. Well I speak Spanish, I don't know why in Ghost Recon it asks me which corporation I want to choose and I want you (plural formal) to tell me (which one).
  16. G36? Looks like the SL8 we discovered a long time ago
  17. wow, i wish i could afford even one, crappy, car.
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