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  1. @RR_GT: Thanks for the comments. @el_nino_foxhound: Expect to see Nikita, Michael, and several other characters from the show. Thanks everyone for the comments!
  2. "Section One" is the name of a mod I've been working on for about a year now. It is based on the story line of the show La Femme Nikita. In short, Section One is an anti-terrorist organization that recruits its members from people imprisoned for life. By its very nature the organization is so covert as to not be known to the general public, and operates with regards to only its own laws. This mod features a 10 mission campaign with new weapon models, vehicles, sounds and some other interesting tidbits. I'm getting close to release, though no ETA yet, and more information shall be forthcoming. Here are some screenshots of what to expect.
  3. Progress? That's something for the 1920's
  4. That's a real sweet model you've got done there...though it's not the chronologically oldest GR mod out there..
  5. Wow, this has exasperated me beyond belief. Now, at mission startup, the "vehicle" moves around on its own, no path at all. I even have it destroyed at startup. As far as the helper pointers, I took the ones from your crate "vehicle" and placed them on my vehicle in the same positions. If anyone could take a look at it, it's simply beyond my abilities: Mantlet It only crashes when I try to move my character, change weapons, etc. Maybe it has something to do with the vcl file, that is the only other possibility I can think of.
  6. Hmm now I get this on crash: alright... :'( I can get it in-game without crashing, but it does this weird thing where it flips around between two different positions so it just looks like it's flashing a lot. I know it has something to do with the helper points but I just can't figure it out please help
  7. I'm trying to make a vehicle as a Map object. I've exported it correctly and it even shows up in game, but I get the same error "Sound: Uninitialized" ad infinitum, Now I don't want this vehicle to make any sound at all, but it keeps crashing the game on start up (i can actually see the model for a brief second though) Any ideas?
  8. What is the exact name for the backplast helper point? and what is the exact name for the "holster behind the back" helper point? Thanks
  9. Im Wagen vor mir - Die Toten Hosen
  10. Wow! I was about to say! A 400mm, would be like "around the corner-Daisy Cutter-artillery...pistol".
  11. peel, wash potatoes, cut them up into about 6-8 pieces per potatoe. coat lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper. cover bottom of roast pan with olive oil. heat oven 425 F, insert pan approximately 45 minutes, BEST DARN POTATOE WEDGES EVER. I'll post some good rice dishes I've learned WK
  12. BTW, why does the display mission require unlocking?
  13. Very nice, yeah "lost-vertices" dissuaded me from delving into skins, but don't give up on it as it might come easy! When I first exported an M14, it was huger than the whole map
  14. Wait i'm pretty sure Valentine's DAy is next Monday, otherwise I better call 1800 flowers again
  15. My favorite part Ani: "those BITCHES!"
  16. Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None the Richer version *good song* *up temporarily* Here without you - Three Doors Down
  17. Way back when I first got Ghost Recon I made a mod for my roomates where we were all inserted onto a Blackhawk at startup and fired upon "Talibans" as the Helicopter flew its path. It used the Tank08 map from DS, though I never released the mod.
  18. Just saw this thread, wow Blakarion, this is amazing, all of it, unbelievably awesome, far too sweet Far too awesome to say!!!
  19. instead of assigning it to player platoon, simply assign it to whatever platoon you want?
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