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  1. This is really bad because my HD failed at about the same time and I lost all my mod-work plus the two big mods that I have completed. Now I can't even play my own mods, I hope someone out there has Civil War and Section 1 mods
  2. I guess they didn't want to foot all the publishing costs to get the PC version out there.
  3. Hey all, I haven't been on GR.net for a few months or modding for that matter, you might remember me as the guy that made the American Civil War mod and Section1 mod, and working on a few other mods. Anyways, today my buddies and I went to North Carolina to play in a big paintball match just outside of Raleigh, and afterwards I noticed the guy who had been parked right next to us the whole time had a GR2 tee-shirt that says "Stonewall" on the back. So I talked to him about Ghost Recon and guess who he ends up being? Jeremy Brown, map-builder for Red Storm!! I asked him questions about GR2 and GR3, he had a lot of positive things to say about Summit Strike, and currently he is working on the multiplayer aspect of GR3. He said more but I don't know if I'm at liberty to publicly divulge some of the GR3 things he told me(maybe PM me?). Seeing as how I spent the better part of 5 years modding the hell out of GR1, I talked to him a lot about that, and encouraged him to visit GR.net. He said he designed the Farm map, Castle map (m06 I assume) and the docks. He told me that the original docks map was supposed to be about twice as big. A lot of map-modders here might be glad to know that even RedStorm map-builders have a tough time with Sherman levels! For GR2 he was responsible for Pilot down and another one that I can't remember off the top of my head(i'm not real big into GR2). He also told me what I had suspected for a long time, that GR2 PC was canceled due to the limited PC market(and Ubi wanted to focus on GR3 for XBox360), even though GR2 PC itself had already been completed by Red Storm(am I at liberty to divulge this? ). If anyone has any questions, you're welcome to PM me.
  4. Two plane tickets back to Sweden eh? Wish I could also go back to my ancestral homeland Sverige. At least I'll be in Germany. Maybe I'll take a trip to Malmo. Good luck mate!
  5. I guess I could do the German one...or have some real Germans do them for you? I'm going there this summer and I'm sure one of my friends could do it..
  6. The strings and kit icons aren't there because I'm too lazy to do them. I'll get out a new file ASAP.
  7. very nice stuff, keep up the good work
  8. Isn't this what the Community Expansion pack was all about? Anyway, I have material for a mod that takes place circa 400 A.D.
  9. Actually I think that might be the problem, I guess I was careless and forgot to delete my own save files. Should I re-release the mod without this problem or???
  10. What is the "shadows" issue? I've tried loading it on different machines and it works fine. The IKe.log shows nothing, what was done to correct previous errors that were like this? Another thing is I don't know if this mod is compatible with other 3rd party mods, best to just keep it at DS/IT, but I just can't seem to pin-point the problem.
  11. GiWeDa I was thinking the same thing too...but I don't know. Those of ya'll that get CTD's, is it right when you click on Campaign and could you post your IKe.log? Zebb what kind of log messages are you getting from your server?
  12. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure yet what it could be. I'll get back to you ASAP.
  13. Could you post your IKe.log ?
  14. The original Civil War mod has been out for over a year. I was working on a newer version with tons of neat stuff but one day I found half of it deleted and I didn't feel like doing all that work again.
  15. I've sent the file to Rocky, should be up on Fileplanet in a few days.
  16. I'm pretty sure that this is possible.
  17. i was surprised that they were all "Ghosts" skins, and they all used those silence M4's, which made it really hard to tell where fire was coming from(Don't know if that is good or bad). The other thing is, at some point i found 3 of them waiting around in the street in front of the embassy, not moving or looking around at all. Other than that, good.
  18. for a minute i thought that was a real screen, and about to ask where to get it! too bad it's just a photoshop very well done though
  19. Alright, I'm setting a release date for this mod as no later than April9th. Who knows, might even come out sooner
  20. Here's a question for people interested in this mod. Would anyone be averse to me including various sound files to add to the atmosphere, and quite possibly increasing the file size of the mod a bit? Or is the size already big enough as it is? Any thoughts?
  21. For #1. If you want to change the stock Ghost Recon weapons bear in mind that they are all set as "Read Only" so before you change them you must uncheck that box in their Properties. Then go into Igor/Tools/Gun Editor, or just open up whatever gun file you want to edit with Wordpad or Notepad. Then make your changes, always click Apply in Igor. A good thing to do is make the Stabilization time a lot higher (as in, 2x) and make the recoil greater, then change accuracy settings(a higher number means less accurate). Changing all these things makes it so a green Russian solder can't snipe you in the head from 200m away...with a pistol.
  22. I've got good news on the status of this mod. All the models have been completed, one texture is left to be completed. Of the ten missions, 9 of them are pretty much finished, just needing final touches. All that's left for me is to finish scripting the missions, beta test them, whip up some menu-screen shots and it's done. As of now the mod is weighing in right at 50MB, and I don't expect that to change much. Tentative release date=Mid-April. If people like this mod enough to want more missions, I've been toying with an idea of making an expansion-mod containing missions based around the fifth season of the show, I'd call it "The Collective Missions".
  23. Ok a mission I've been working on for about a week has been working fine until now, and the only changes I made since the last time it worked was to remove a few .atrs. It crashes immediately on startup. Ike.log Any ideas?
  24. Here's a question kind of similiar to the one at hand(not trying to thread the hijack). Is there any smoke effect that is small and has a short duration, no more than a few seconds? What I'd like to replicate in a mod is smoke after effect of a gunshot, that can be replayed by a loop everytime an .atr fires. Any ideas?
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