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  1. Does your game still work?, did you also delete the YetiShaders_PC2_DX11 files and the YetiPerforce ini file?. LoL. It's a joke bro. The YetiShaders_PC2_DX11.sdf or YetiShaders_PC2_DX11.sat is important files for the game. Deleting it make your game not working. But you can delete the *.dmp files. No joke, my GRFS generate 800mb+ *.dmp files, damn big for an error log. I think the *.dmp files auto-generate after the Yeti Error occured.
  2. Yeti#.big (Large files inside GRFS directory) is game content files, don't disturb. The yeti error dump files is located in your Documents folder, IF I not mistaken. But... If you want to test your luck by deleting the Yeti1/2/3.big, go on. Try Shift+Delete. Work great to me *Evil Face*
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I already finish Elite campaign (Coop) with my brother We still play the campaign to complete all the nonsense tactical/weapon challenges =_= Btw, feel free to add me & invite me for guerilla mode ID: ShkUplay & ShkUplay2
  4. (Did I post in the right section? Yes, GRFS [PC] section o_O) and.... the Coop Function at GRFS working good or not? buggy? How about the network connection? Nobody here try coop?
  5. Anybody here already try Campaign Coop Mode? Non-Steam (Uplay)? Steam? Any review? I still waiting for my DVD =.=
  6. Pre-order doesn't mean you can get that game early... But the shop will keep it for you till you come to take it. Sold out? Not a problem. Peace from Malaysia.
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