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  1. I've never understood it either. I think it comes down to people chasing numbers instead of playing what feels right. Instead of obsessing over the frame rate I just play the game and if it slows down I lower something. Seems to be the in thing to obsess over.
  2. Erm, the people who have been saying that version 1.0's graphics look good and if you underclock your Nvidia card it doesn't crash are erm, well, they are right. God****it I hate being wrong but when I am I'll admit it Version 1.0 does look nice, none of that grainy shadow thing and I have not had the artifacting-freeze thing and have played for quite a while. Sometimes it is good to be wrong. But, something has gone wrong somewhere along the line at Ubi's end to make it go so wrong but HOPEFULLY, it is fixable with next patches as it started out ok. I already had MSI Afterburner installed and just lowered my memory clock from 2000 (apparently it should have been 4000?! Not sure why it wasn't) to 1800 with a swift move of a slider and that was it. I still don't like having to do that and Ubi should fix it but as an experiment I had to do it.
  3. Unfortunately, after this point it is crash city and really linear. Back to OGR....
  4. This game is BAAAAAAADD! Really bad port job and I am so disappointed. I cannot play for more than 5 minutes as it freezes and crashes and it is not my card overheating and many others getting the same crash. SP and MP (and firing range) look different as though the resolution you apply works in MP but not SP, AA not working in SP (although that could be the resolution issue), awful linear missions that last a few minutes, and that hit marker/sound really top it off. I have played games that hand-hold but this takes the biscuit. This isn't GR I'm afraid.
  5. You can't turn off the help icons etc. not even the hit markers and sound in SP!
  6. I have had a few crashes too. One in MP, when it failed to find a game and crashed to desktop and another just now after clearing the African village some artifacts appeared on screen and it froze and I had to ALT-TAB. Not my video card overheating either.
  7. Unlocked early Some screens, full everything:
  8. Whatever you do don't pause it as when you re-start the download it starts all over again!
  9. Erm, pre-order means you order it before it's been released, early access would mean playing before it's released.
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