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  1. Xbox version of GR IT had DLC maps which were DS maps but "not actually them" - from quick testing that I saw, objectives, zones, time of day, briefing etc. I haven't seen them being uploaded so here they are, perhaps they will be of interest to someone. Note that they are ripped as is, so they won't work in the PC version (instead of map files you get .glb) https://mega.nz/file/zMMFnAzZ#1nxXcliX0hjHJyKJRreURslzKjlJp0qdAsgE8tkgoF8
  2. Hey guys, First of all, I just want to say I really liked first ghost recon on xbox. I didn't expect much but when I tried the game, got hooked and loved it. Wasn't nostalgia either, it wasn't long ago when I played it. Great game! Don't know why though, couldn't get hooked on pc (the UI, sound, controller probably) Which brings me to the questions. Xbox did not get some of the things PS2/PC got like Desert Siege or Jungle Storm. I remember reading and convincing myself that Jungle Storm isn't really worth it. Is it? What about Desert Siege? I will have fun doing the campa
  3. This is wonderful news comrade! Thank you for your work done!!!
  4. Glad to hear there is progress!! Forward, forward and only forward! Thank you so much comrade, will be waiting more then!
  5. Hello comrade! How are things? Has there been any progress on your wonderful mod? I have been waiting patiently with that voice pack...but still eager for news!
  6. Wicked man thanks for uploadng! Guess I will play these in wait
  7. Hey man, can you upload some Russian voices for us as preview please? I never owned Russian version (let alone knew it existed) but it will be interesting to hear it. and I am sorry to hear that you have encountered problems, hope you get through them and release your wonderfull mod. If I can help with anything (like stop bothering you ), I would love to help.
  8. Oh Tovarish, give us some news on your mighty project! I remember you said you will use the Russian sounds, can you please share the voices? I think I had one file named "detect friendly 1" and thought it was from this game... As always, eager to hear news and play the mod itself!
  9. YAY Thank you very much for answering questions, I will leave you alone now
  10. WOW I cannot wait to play as them, simply can't I suppose I should stop bothering you....but last question man ...What weapons will we get our hands on?
  11. Beautiful...simply beautiful... I am speechless!! May I suggest that there are more Russian models in mods such as Udmurtia Spetsnaz, MVD Osnaz and Spetsgruppa-Vympel for you to use? Here is one from Udmurtia Spetsnaz
  12. @Chudy Picio, I have a question. I read somewhere that on last mission, you face apparently typical "Alfa"'s from their looks (like, FSB Alfa, judging from the models and equipment), I wouldn't know as I played the game long time ago. Are you going to use the Russian regulars as the ones we get to play as? Because I know there are models somewhere of Russian equivalent of Ghosts in the game (from the looks, GRU), I think they were used in multiplayer. Maybe you would let us use them? Sorry ok, you know better what to do, just wondering that is all And uhh...I know this may be a bit of a bo
  13. oh Chudy Picio! Give us some indication on how your great mod is doing so that we might be blessed by it's glory soon!
  14. I am sorry almi-...Chudy Picio ^^ I guess I will put myself into a corner and think about what I've done... Please, do upload soon!! You're the last hope!
  15. Almighty Chudy Picio, bless with us some news so that we might prevail!
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