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  1. It's okay, i hate this game now, i wont even bother installing it on a new PC... Shame, i expected something better..
  2. Haven't been seeing anything lately, the game is dead?
  3. Hi, we all know that the patch is out, but what exactly did it fix? What i noticed is: FPS fixes in both MP and SP. Now, most of the people are angry because they couldn't run the game on "MAX" but i have no issues with running it on medium or low. I'll give UBI another chance, hoping that they will fix the game by a week or so. But what i'm also asking them to do is a Pre-Patch system, it's basically release an early patch like 1.4.5 and apply the improvements, and take a look at the community's feedback so you can know if you want to delay the patch or not. -Thank you
  4. Here's a little temporary fix for performance issues! until the game gets the patch!!! Go to documents and then ubisoft and ghost recon future soldier There will be a file called default or config, open that with the notepad Scroll to the right and find "TrueGammaCorrection" make that "FalseGammaCorrection" The game will now run in windowed, it will make the game run GREATLY faster!
  5. Nice, first they give us a broken game now this? Well that's it for me, i'm getting rid of all my ubisoft games!
  6. I tried that, the damn shop didn't agree since it will be "CHEATING"
  7. 10 Tries already! The shop i bought the game from does not accept refunds! there should be a fixing patch, i can stay longer than this in the game! Any ideas what to do?
  8. Well, the game is locked on a certain FPS! If it's not locked i could've got more! Locked FPS is the reason why none of us can play this game properly!
  9. Nice, got some performance improvements, but it needs more and more performance improvements! Mulitplayer and single player: still the same with a little frame faster Guerilla: 60 FPS!
  10. I will try it out and give feedback, hopefully it works!
  11. Here's what, a lot of people (mostly pc players) are asking why aren't there lots of PC games! There are lots and lots of reasons! First reason: well, being honest, when a game comes out to console (Especially a multiplayer game) they just play normally, meanwhile if the same games comes out to pc, all we can see is hackers, boosters and a lot more, i'm not blaming PC players anyway! Second reason: When Ghost Recon came out on console i don't think it had that much unlock based multiplayer! when it came out to PC it was just Run and Gun, which is pretty annoying, again, PC players are not the people to blame, ubisoft has to be blamed! Third reason: A lot of people are begging the company for the game, that's why most of the PC games that were on console come out as a crap game on PC, you don't need to beg the company since they're making a PC game, you don't also need to get the game faster! If this game came out a little later it would be better than what it is now! So here i blame some PC peeps! Fourth and final reason: A lot of insults and dissing are coming from gamers (ESPECIALLY Call Of Duty Gamers) which is really annoying, makes the company hopeless to continue making the game, which is also a reason why the game isn't that great on PC now, a lot of (what i call) COD [DELETED] started bitching about the game like this: "This game looks ######, look at it's graphics, stop making games ubisoft" And it's not just about Call of Duty, it's about other games that has a lot of [DELETED] defending the game in a bad way! In the end, i admit that i wasted money on this game, i couldn't get a refund since the store i bought this from does NOT allow refunds! I posted this as my own opinions about why this game isn't really that good now! -Thank you for understanding, i don't really hope to get hate, i want some people to understand what i'm trying to say!
  12. To be honest i like 3rd person better But this game made me hate 3rd person games!
  13. MY pc is even better than those requirements! and it can run battlefield 3 and crysis 2 and i get solid 60 FPS!
  14. I dont know how to start this but. What's the difference between guerilla and singleplayer's performance??? Guerilla mode- fast, smooth, Fun Singleplayer and Multiplayer- slow This game needs an update to both!
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