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  1. Im a team and objective player through and through always have been,

    so ive been playing the engineer class and ive unlocked the flas bulb

    just how do you use it exactly? ive tryed to use it a few times snoook up on a guy and flashed him and a flash did go off and nothing happened he didnt get flashed at all why?

    ami using it wrong any tips guys/girls ?

    seem like a really handle tool i fi can get it work.

    thanks :)

    I have been seeing it also. I'd imagine the player has to be looking your direction for it to work. Like a flashbang.. ya know?

  2. Shooting the UAV is not that easy when the guns aren't accurate when you shoot from a distance and the UAV moves fast. Cameras are easy.

    Have you completed the Campaign Mode on elite settings? I'd like to say that I'm on the last mission on elite settings and I have learned alot about the game. The game plays at amazing speed. Players that can play at these extreme speeds could care less if they are detected. In the 10th or 11th mission in the campaign on elite settings, you are challenged to tear through 5 levels full of mobs in two minutes flat. Players that can accomplish that, and I will soon, could care less about being detected. So it is either shooting the detection devices, or moving at speeds that it does not matter.

  3. Removing all detection equipment could work too, but then it leaves Engineer useless so that class would barely be used unless they use a different grenade like decoy or something. Otherwise it would scout vs rifleman lol

    Exactly... It would not be GRFS anymore... It would be COD.. or some other mindless shooter....

  4. And the "go back to COD" thing is what majority of people tell people when they complain about this game. Exactly, we want a tactical game. We have it, it just needs a minor tweek is all.

    The reasoning for this is that there are alot of players, like myself, that have been waiting for a game that is pretty hardcore for a long time. We simply dont want it altered to appeal to those with the wrong idea about the game. It's about teamwork and coordination. If the game is changed to allow for a bunch of solo players, it would not be GRFS... it would be Battle Field... or COD. I think that if you played the campaign missions on elite settings.. you will get the idea. Or maybe find a few players to play with consistently and you will enjoy the game a lot more.. trust me..

  5. Or (and this is just a suggestion) you could learn how to deal with it. Work with your friends and develop counters and retaliations.

    Sgt. SuperSanity is 100% correct. Like I posted earlier.. This is about teamwork and coordination. There are easy counters to, especially, the engineer class.

  6. I with you Killer, spawn camping is ruining a lot of games. This one is SO blatant it's not even funny.

    Someone in developer land lost sight of what a real Ghost Recon MP game should be like.

    Buck [VV]

    Id like to say that I've never been spawn camped. I'd reckon that if you are then your team is being dominated completely for this to happen. I feel that this game has been a long time coming for those who enjoy the technical aspects of Tom Clancy games. This game is about team coordination. If you go in without a good team, you are gonna get wasted. Ive been playing now for a short time. The teams I join that have players talking to one another are pretty successful. Then there are other teams, the ones that typify 95% of the teams I join; absolutely no communication what so ever. You are not getting anything done solo Period The End.

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