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  1. We need a team deathmatch for those games we play with random people we don't know, have no mics, don't communicate and just wants kills and not even try going for the objectives. I know we have all played games by ourselves, without our friends and find ourselves saying what the hell is my team doing. You have most the team spawn camping while the other team is interacting with the objectives. A team deathmatch mode would eliminate all that!
  2. I really wish there was a game mode without all the sensors and drones. It gets kind of old after awhile, you barely step out of the spawn just to see it say DETECTED!!!What ever happened to good ole shooting games where you actually had to put effort into getting a kill and not just standing there waiting for that guy in cover to poke his head out and get an easy kill because you can see him highlighted in red and know exactly where he's facing and where he's looking. If you ask me all this detection stuff seems very COD to me and the one thing I was really looking forward to was getting away from all that Call of booty stuff lol
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