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  1. what? so i am suposed to let my thread die so no one can read it when its on page 50 ? wow yes that will be really helpful. Or maybe you would prefer i post a new thread every day so that it cloggs up the system ?

    EDIT: and ive left it 2-3 days between bumps, ive seen threads here bumped after 5 hours. Seriously?

    i think i seen you guys play in FS on xbox 360.

  2. Will they be adding leaderboards for Future Soldier..??

    OR have they already and i just can't find them.. it would seem a bit weird to not be able to compare yourself to everyone else,

    i've seen player stats but i want to see world rankings??

    Go to the multiplayer main menu, click Right Trigger (RT) and then the Y button. It will then show the leaderboards.


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