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  1. Legion of Honor is an 18+ gaming clan looking for like minded ghost recon players, play with Teams consisting of a friends first environment, family matters, and strong tactical advantages. If you want to play casually or competitively we support both. If your just looking for people to play with then check us out over at legionofhonorclan.com for further details send a message to me on the forums or to my GT: LoH CapMinority - Cap
  2. Well, your in luck because legion of honor is recruiting for ghost recon and other games such as CoD and Battlefield, if your interested in playing with good teams who are structured, and a friends first environment then check out legionofhonorclan.com we are setup with a military structure with a chain of command and we are very organized. But more importantly we are good players and work together and are "Mature". If you want to know more then send a friend request or message me on xbox GT: LoH CapMinority or check out the website.-Thanks
  3. Looking for a well built and organized clan for Ghost recon, with our military structure we are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield as a friends first and family matters clan we are currently looking for new recruits to join our ranks if you think you have what it takes either take a look at our website legionofhonorclan.com or send me a personal message on xbox GT: LoH CapMinority, for further details about the way we play and run our clan.
  4. if you guys want people to play with you should look into legionofhonorclan.com we have very good players and teams
  5. Looking for a freinds first, family matters, but also has very competitive and tactical players. Then look no further LoH is recruiting for its ghost recon division and we need dedicated and quality players. If your interested head over to legionofhonorclan.com.
  6. Hello! Im here to represent the Ghost Recon side of LoH, we are a freinds first, clan looking for new faces. We currently have a laid back but serious team going, if you are interested in a friendly but tactical clan please leave a msg here with your information: your (Gamertag), msg me on xbox :TG Cap Minority, or check out the website legionofhonorclan.com.
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