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  1. I heard there ganna come out with 3 more modes. I guess team death match was one of the 3 modes left for DLC. Can't wait to see what's the other 2
  2. Thank you very much I really appershate it. Now I can tell my stupid buddies they traded the game for no reason Ahahahaha
  3. I don't know why this game mode wasent added in the first place. Every shooter has to have a team death match. I have been playing Tom Clancy games since the first Xbox and I have loved every single game they have made. In this new game I was really shocked that there wasent a team death match. Not only am I annoyed by have many kills in conflict and losing because the random game I join by myself the players on my team aren't even focused on the objective. I would also like to say that me and my friends always wanted to have regular team death match one vs one to see who's better but have to play a mode where there are objectives involved. I have been playing this game on every free time I have. every time I hop on in a room I ask everyone how do you feel that there's no team death match??? 99.9% of the time people are complaining that there's no team death match. None of my friends have ever played ghost recon and I high recommended it to them I made them look forward to this game coming out showing them trailers and telling them how fun the game is ganna be. When they played the game and realized there was no team death match 3 of my friends trade the game in. Imagine how many other people might have traded there game in For this reason. Please if there's any way of returning this game mode you would make many loyal fans really happy Please cast your vote in guys and help bring team death match back to this amazing game
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