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  1. im a support kind of guy in any game i use an enignier, (sorry about spelling) i use shotguns mostly i love them ,sub-machine guns rarley anyway ive unlocked dragon breathe for my shotgun, ive used it a few time and im not totally sure about it damage seems weak for fire ammo . i was woundering what you guy/Girls think about the dragon breathe ammo? is it worth using or avoding it? -----------grammer spelling is bad sorry--------------
  2. i dont really see any of the classes bad. scout is a perfect spotter and defender for anyone who is going for the objective that is when people do the objective .
  3. yeah ive tryed it but it dosen't seem to work though. i'll keep trying but if anyone knows how it works please let me know thanks
  4. spawn camp...nope , like i said im an objective player so i dont sit in my spawn n wait for the other team. think i just get the unlucky matches
  5. Im a team and objective player through and through always have been, so ive been playing the engineer class and ive unlocked the flas bulb just how do you use it exactly? ive tryed to use it a few times snoook up on a guy and flashed him and a flash did go off and nothing happened he didnt get flashed at all why? ami using it wrong any tips guys/girls ? seem like a really handle tool i fi can get it work. thanks
  6. ok now im ######ing sick to death of people spawn killing now , could deal with it at first but now my own team ,ate is helping the other team spawn kill w t f !! this game isi getting ruined by these dikless fks i know im ranting on sorry but for meanyway its getting real bad . and none of my friends have this game so i cant party up either.
  7. ive given people the benefit of the dought , but its getting stupid now ... nearly all games ive been in my team have been spawn killin the other team , im like W T F !! this aint MW3 i love this game but now im standing around do ###### all , ok yeah im getting the objectives but there's no challenge anymore. what is the point in spawn killing.?
  8. The 3rd person view in my eyes dose make this game , its different new for me .... a nice break for any of the cod games refreshing
  9. bigjon


    it dose seem to bit a bit buggy to day , atleast i can get online now , buggy but worth it its an amazing game .
  10. bigjon


    im new to this game and i love it , such a change from black ops or Mw3 , but i just cant connect to the server dose anyone else have this problem???
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