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  1. Hi hippeis..No you did install fine... The cinematics are as I say random..& did not appear simply because the way the mission went..Try it a few more times..& take only 1 or 2 other Team Members with you.I play it with myself & one other Sniper..or maybe a rifleman..Try it you.ll see the difference :D Glad you enjoyed it anyway..
  2. I have neither DS or IT : [ sorry mate...
  3. Nice tip San thnx... Just figured out the camera placing...too. in the script use either or both [Camera return or Camera View]The options are self explantry hopes this helps you a bit..I get terrible graphics though when I tie the camera to a certain view.I got a feelin it,s my drivers...Could anyone suggest/reccomend another version???...Using 28.31 dets...GeForce3Ti... BTW.. I do,nt have the addons too play your mission....Sorry ...
  4. Hi San ... To get the best out of the mission try it with yourself & 1 other team member [pref]Sniper The cinematic stuff is as you say triggered by an actor firing...But each time depending on how to go about the mission the actors could fire at any time...Giving a type of random Cinematic.. Not 100% figured out the camera placing stuff... As many other things hehehe!!! Will have a look at your mission tonight & let you know...
  5. The key to randomization is plenty of options...you.ll see when you look in the script I,m no real expert,but I think it,s a descent start... see what you think ??anyways Feedback welcome = ]
  6. Hi Mate.Sorry I should have said.. Just place it in your /origmiss/missions folder. Happy Hunting..
  7. Ok I finally got to grips 99% hehehe!! with Igor.. This mission contains some better scripting so it should never be quite the same twice.. after quite a bit of testing The Cinematics should be random too. Below is a screen from one of the mentioned Cinematic scenes..They can be pretty too..So keep your eyes peeled The mission itself is sniper Based & you have to work your way across country to the Extraction zone.. Enjoy Folks :) KillZZOne
  8. "I been playing around with this in some test missions,Seems to work ok BUT is there a way of scripting the camera views to one particular view???eg.. a tank rolling up the road/track/hidden snipers etc etc... Thnx
  9. Brilliant work..I love it Hows about "QUAKE RECON"!!! Nice one Shadow
  10. "Mmm not sure if this is the correct place on the forum if not sorry ... Anyways I have made my 1st mission using IGOR..TEAM_SNIPER Uses the swamp map. Basically you gotta try to kill all the enemy..Thats it...Now I got the hang of IGOR i,m gonna try & do something a bit more involved next time round Hope you like it Download TEAM_SNIPER feedback most welcome... :D
  11. Can anyone point me the right direction???I can add em But getting them to move is a bit beyond me at the moment...Any help much appreciated ; ]
  12. The solution to my problem was simple...The Cmbt.xml file was stored as a read only file...Not sure why this would happen??Maybe something to do with XP???? Anyhow fixed now & working fine
  13. mmm,I.ll go back & try it again..could just be me... I was,nt sure about the values though..headshot set @ 10 default i guess.. then stuff like legs etc are 400 700 so the higher the value the less chance of dying???????correct??? Thnx giwex
  14. 1st I,ll say hi to everyone..this is my 1st post Ok on with the question..I have been learning Igor stuff & doin ok with it. But I wonder if there is a way of editing the AI damage models,They all seem to die way too easy,even from leg shots..I tried the Combet model ed but nothing seemed to happen..Is there perhaps another file.files that can be edited to make the bullet hits more realistic ie not dying from leg wound etc... Thnx in advance
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