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  1. Any chance you think this could be tweaked for Ravenshield ? Get the same flickering in that on W10 !! Cheers
  2. Can I have one if there are any left . Cheers A
  3. If this is true, how come the pc group isnt getting a sweet map pack like the 360? Cuz that might cause us to get our hopes up and continue demanding things. Best to nip this in the bud quickly by not giving us anything. -John K. I would say because 360 sales were 80% of total sales for GRAW 2 !!
  4. Dead it was never alive ( about 200 people online playing last night very poor !! ) !! GRAW 3 soon !! Instead of doing a next instalment like GRAW then GRAW 2 and so on get the game patched and working as it should be then do expansion packs and leave it at that. But it is easier for UBI to bin the support and role out the next new game, it’s just a fact that’s what UBI do nower days.
  5. I have to agree it was a very handy tool, I even bought it twice ! when it came out and then again last year when we started playing [GR] again, I couldn't find the details of when I bought it the 1st time !!. A.
  6. GRAW 3 Then 4 then 5 then 6 then 7 with no support AC, SAD's or real patch's cause they know people will buy them and UBI will make money !!!!
  7. Don't work anyway i try it either, i dont lock the server up anyways so not fussed meself !! A.
  8. I'm not a man of many words so i wont right paragraphs of dribble !! We know what game companies are like nower days there moving towards consoles to make more money and the PC Pips are a after thought and just port stuff over to them !! and UBI is the worse for that really. I lost faith in UBI after RvS simply as that. No SAD's, no real AC and no real patch support on 4 of the last Tom Clancy games and that’s all down to it simply doesn’t make them money, Consoles are the money maker. They even ported over the last splinter cell game and it was an abortion on the port over from the 360 to the pc there was uproar. I'm waiting for Crysis and COD 4 for my next games. I could go on all day long but we won't because I’ve seen so many threads on this and they go no where. A
  9. Ok question for you then, How many GRAW Servers are there then ? I bought the game but played it a week and binned it (Back of the draw to never see the light again !!) Does GRAW have a cracking AC now then also does it have a pucker SAD's files Mmm I don't think they do. Sorry I’m a negative person when it comes to UBI but it’s because they never deliver what the community want which is a good FPS with good SAD's and AC plus patching for years to come. A.
  10. To some it's not about patches !! RvS has lasted for 4 years so far and UBI dropped its last patch in coming up to 2 years ago now and the game was still full of bugs, but it was the community which kept it going plus a very very good SADS and AC and we'll ignore R6LD and R6LV they never happened !! GRAW 2 is miles better than GRAW but TBH there won't be any more long lasting supported Pc games, there is no money in it for UBI so No real SAD's and no real AC will be the fall of this game. Just look at the server listing compared to BF2 etc (yes I know a different style of games !!) but good SAD's and AC software. Just by looking at the gamespy listing says it all really. BF2 = 5277 Server GRAW 2 = 0 on Gamespy because it doesn’t work right on there, doesnt even find it when it scans my hard drive for it !!, But looking through the server listings in game there is about 150 and 2/3rds of those are empty. Just my 2 pence !! A.
  11. lol you shouldn't have to shout patch ya servers !! there should be 1000's of them out there already!! ooo sorry was thinking of BF2 and EA Games !!
  12. Was £17 ($34) in the UK when it was launched !! (Play.com)
  13. All i did was change the port number to 16251, so coop on 16251 and TDM etc on 16250, We got quad core and looks fine, Mmm memory leak seems to have gone as well !! A.
  14. I've tested this and it seems to work now. Checked on the listing and both servers were there and i could join both.
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