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  1. Hey everyone I wanted to share with you a contest I am hosting. If you're looking for a code for the new DLC on the Xbox 360, here is the contest video for details. Goodluck [media=]
  2. I looked at your channel and I see you got a good amount of videos. That's a plus One thing I would do is put them into playlists so people can just click on a specific playlist. Here is my channel, it also has GRFS video on it http://www.youtube.com/user/darkholegames
  3. Yeah this is another game that only a select few of the Dark Hole Games community have. The game is fun when your playing with your friends online or in a private match, but the game does tend to get stale after 2-4 hours of playing. There just isn't enough game modes in my opinion. As for the videos I appreciate you watching them and if you don't have the map pack I hope the videos helped you with your decision making. Check out our youtube channel for many other video game videos and head over to our official website for daily game news for multiple consoles, events, etc.
  4. Yeah there are some objects laying about throughout the map, but I still would have added more to the exterior of the building. I guess I am just use to Battlefield 3 lol. That is just a small little picky thing of mine, but eh oh well lol ^.^ The smashed windows would have been nice to be able to shoot through them though. Thanks for the compliments I am glad you liked the review/walkthroughs.
  5. Your welcome on the feedback. I always enjoy helping people out. Now there are many different directions you can take commentaries at. You can discuss about that particular game, etc. Or talk about your everyday life and talk about a recent event you had, but if you do everyday life make sure you make it interesting otherwise you will give muted by viewers and thumbs down. I am familiar with the Youtube world and slowly getting better with my commentaries. The key is to be yourself and since I am always goofy it just comes natural One tip would be to not worry about views and subscribers because if you worry about that then you will be stressing and trying to hard which will then reflect in your video which also can bring negative feedback. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help you.
  6. You got a point, but I am sure there would be some grenade or scuff marks on buildings or floors. It just seems plain in some parts, but its still a great map.
  7. The new DLC is actually a lot of fun and brings a bit more to the game. I agree that it gets old fast, but with the new maps and gametype you can play for hours. I think GFRS needs more gametypes and needs to balance some things out and stabilize the servers. But you can't win them all when it comes to making a game, so yeah if you trade it in that is up to you and that is perfectly fine maybe the next Ghost Recon game will be better. Who knows ^.^
  8. Thank you. I care to give the video game community, my website community ,the GRFS community, etc all the content I can. I am unbiased so that is one of many things that separates myself from the mainstream websites. Which video(s) did you like most? What do you think of the map pack now after watching?
  9. I checked out the two links you provided (with/without music) and I will be honest. The videos are pretty long for just showing clips of people being killed. I would try to keep videos like that 5 mins or less so they don't drag on. Also the music is something you wanna be careful with because if it isn't Free Royal Copyright music you can be sued for copyright infringement. Now if it is your own music that your created then you're fine. As for the video game content, I would try doing commentaries instead of just music on top of gameplay footage. Having both will really help determine what your channel / video viewers would want. The quality of the videos are fine in HD, I enjoyed watching them, but having them shorter is a definite must. If you want them to be longer than you want to go with doing commentaries because viewers would like to listen while watching instead of listening to music while watching or just watching 10+ mins of gameplay. When you switch clips you want to use a fade effect so it looks smooth. Feel free to check out my youtube channel and videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/darkholegames
  10. I am glad you enjoyed watching the videos Lol yeah I forgot to change it to public like the others, but I changed it. When I was uploading them all together I didn't want them to be released to the public until they were all fully uploaded and edited, but now they are all public. We also have this posted on our website and a forum for all Ghost Recon talk on our website. Which video(s) did you like most?
  11. So I bought the Arctic map pack for Ghost Recon Future Soldier and I thought I would share with you all the content it contains. You get three new maps (Riot, Skyline and Evicted), 6 new weapons, a new gametype called "Stockade" and a new Guerrilla mode map. Watch the videos below to gather all the information about each and I hope this helps you make your decision on whether you want it or not. The map pack cost $9.99 Enjoy! Map 1: Riot Map 2: Skyline http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee434/darkholegames/GRFS/F2000.jpg Rifleman Bodark team: S805 Engineer Ghost Team: MK17 Engineer Bodark Team: OCP 11 Scout Ghost Team: MP9 Scout Bodark Team: Type 05 New Game mode "Stockade" [media=] New Guerrilla mode map [media=]
  12. How it is going everyone. My name is Jon and I am the Founder & Creator of the online video game community Dark Hole Games. Recently we have transitioned to a brand new website which offers more than our previous. We offer video game news on different platforms, game reviews, event coverage, interviews, community events, our own web series and much more. To sign up go to http://darkholegames.net/ and spread good word about us. Once you have signed up you can then interact with more of the site. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. The icons are on our social widget on the top left of the website. Thank you for all your support -Jon Dark Hole Games Founder
  13. This is Dark Hole Games first handheld gamplay review. We apologize for the picture quality, but you can still see it pretty well. Enjoy Comment, like, & subscribe to our channel [media=]
  14. So I am going to keep this short because there is a lot on our official website and I don't wanna spoil all the good stuff our community has to offer, where is the fun in that lol. I will tell you that it is free to sign up, you get your own profile which allows you to talk in the forums, comment on posts & polls, and interact with other features on the website. We do video game news, game reviews, our own web series, events, and much more! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Below are the links. Spread the word Official website: http://darkholegames.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Darkholegames Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dhgdarkholegames Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/darkholegames
  15. COD is a joke in the shooter world. Not worth even competing against them because its highly unbalanced, but it is its own game because it is a run-n-gun style shooter, has more gametypes that people love and the guns/equipment really make the game what it is. As for Battlefield, that is a game worth competing because it really has that squad base gameplay, the maps are massive, the guns are accurate and it feels like a real warfare. What GRFS should have done was used the Frost Bite 2 engine, opened the maps more, gave more gametypes, and allowed you to use the whole map. I am talking rooms, benches, pipes, etc. Let you destroy the level to really make it like a war-zone. But overall GRFS is fun and passes time. I don't take the game serious anymore.
  16. So I am sure everyone has their own ideas on how to fix GRFS. In this thread I would like for you to post your ideas here. All I ask is you be respectful of other people's posts and be mature. My Ideas: - Taser should be only last like 10-15 seconds because it feels like it lasts to long. - Data Hacks should last about 20-30 seconds because it feels like it lasts to long. - When you are capping an objective you should be able to use a pistol to fight off enemies because in real life you would be able to do that I am sure. All you need to do is put the field computer on the ground or something. - Increase the power of the Bodark guns - If you get detected by a sensor and walk out of the senor area you should no longer be detected, but if you go back into the area of the sensor grenade it shows you detected. I am not sure if this is already done lol. - Being able to spawn on the other squad. So if your Alpha you can spawn on Bravo. - New game modes, especially TDM - Bigger maps. - Better hit detection - Dedicated servers - Less detection and more stealth. Even when detected I just go "eh whatever you can see me, which means your near by so I will be more stealthy" which usually works in my favor lol so oh well. Well this is all I can think of right now. I will add more if I come across other ideas.
  17. So I am sure many of you out there have had some really awesome games or moments you wanted to share with others right? Well I have had the same thing. Yes I have a HD PVR and could record all the matches I play and just delete the bad from the good but that takes up a lot of space on my computer and can be very time consuming which is not fun lol. So I suggest Ubisoft make a Theater Mode and give us 6 Slots to post full games, clips, and/or screen shots. Just like in Halo and COD. Do you agree they should add a Theater mode or no? State your reason below; respect other people's opinions & be mature.
  18. Hey everyone I wanted to share a fun commentary that a member of my community and myself did on Guerrilla mode. We never did Elite difficulty so we attempted it on a map we never played on. Enjoy Comment, Like & Subscribe to our channel. There are A LOT more GRFS videos and other video game videos. [media=]
  19. A lot of the stuff you are complaining about here is out of Ubisofts hands really.. Changing the ways people play is impossible and a waste of time The stuff I would like to say about FS would probably force Rocky to ban me.. So I'll leave it at that. And thank someone above for the FS beta so I could save the money for other games Ghost Recon -rest in pieces True Ubisoft cannot change how people play and I go into the game with a open mind. But having players use mics to communicate would be a drastic change in how the game plays out ya know what I mean? Lone wolf players are a bothersome at times but I don't have a lot of friends to join up with so I go in solo but I don't play lone wolf. After a while I have accepted how people play and just play for fun, but play hardcore/for fun when party up with friends and such.
  20. I am just ignoring the detection now lol. I still have a hard time shooting down the UAV's and don't have the jammer yet. All my classes are level 25 so I have some ways to go.
  21. Also if you want to send me a game invite my gamertag is DarkJediMasterX I have a Turtle Beach X11 and I am always communicating.
  22. It is a really fun game. We just have these issues that always accure. Some less than others, but if you get a lot of your friends or find fun people to play the game with you can have a blast. Especially since you can host your own games and make private matches with your friends
  23. Okay now the servers REALLY need to be fixed. I am getting sick of lag and being knocked out of games and not getting my credits for it.
  24. Oh I hope it doesn't turn into a bashing contest like you said Admin. That wasn't my intensions. I just wanted to have a thread where people could go to just to release their anger about their experience in the game like I did. So everyone please follow the admin and my rules before you post. Thanks
  25. I am looking for players as well. My thread was moved to the Squad/Clan forums, but here is my thread about how to become a part of the squad. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58805
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