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  1. If you dont like them, just shoot them down.
  2. We have currently set GRFS as our primary game. Check us out, you might just like what you see.
  3. I only ever had any problems with the PDRs for the engineers. Its their only real means of defense but is barely more powerful than a pistol.
  4. It almost boils down to personal preference. I used semi-auto on the ACR for the beta and loved it. Gives you more control of where each bullet goes, and if you are quick enough with your trigger finger you can just about be as fast as full auto.
  5. Some of the parts may be from earlier builds. Im sure some better looking ads will be out very soon.
  6. Black List Gaming is looking for YOU! Black List is a growing online clan supporting Xbox 360, PC and PS3 players focusing primarily in the US and Canadian regions. We require members to be at least 16 years of age, allowing exceptions upon vouchers by officers and admins. We have formed to make a home for anyone looking for a tightly knit clan that works and plays well together. BLG is focused primarily on FPS games, with a few other game genres thrown in for good measure. There are 20+ members as of right now and rapidly growing as you read this. Dedication In BLG we try to focus on dedication toward not only the clan but it's members. We are member based and member oriented. All of our staff were members before and know what it's like to be on the bottom of the totem pole. We promote from within the clan depending on the level of expertise shown as a member. Unity A member of BLG has access to all of our teams. Whatever game you wish to play, there should be a team waiting for you to participate in. If you are interested in going further, we have competitive teams that play against other teams on sites such as Gamebattles and paybackgames. Currently we support Battlefield 3, MW3, Gears 3 and League of Legends, with expansion to other games depending on the desire of the members. Respect The final tenet of Black List Gaming is Respect. We will not condone racial slurs, disrespect or harassment of any sort. We respect each other and expect the same in return. If you cannot abide by this rule, do not even apply. We understand people like to sling playful insults back and forth but harmful comments for the sake of being harmful will not be allowed. BLG has SEVERAL things that make this the PERFECT home for your gaming! - FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube accounts! -An on-site chat box to talk LIVE with all your new friends! -An arcade on the website so you can play games with your friends! -A built in tournaments and ladders system! -Training courses designed to help you better your skill level in game! -Mobile website designed for Android, iPhone and Blackberry! -The chance to not only be a part of a gaming clan and community, but be part of a family! Come check us out!!! http://www.blacklistgaming.org If you have any questions, please fel free to contact the head of our recruitment department MikePaceRocks (mike@blacklistgaming.org)
  7. Dont know if its just me, but the link to the board rules from the GRFS forum just redirects you to the main forum page.
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