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  1. I think people under estimate the LMG as a weapon, it is hard to use but when you get the hang of it, it is absolutely beast and a valuable asset to the team, now I´m not they best player in the world but I can do a lot of damage with this class. Like today I got 38/7 and another similiar mach just by playing the objective and killing a lot of people. I got to admit that you´ll probably be easier off if you just use AR´s build to be like LMG excluding supression-effect. I´d like to see more people liking this support role class, since I don´t know any that do, well one but he uses AR´s because he lacks the skill to use LMG´s. I´d also like to request that if you happen to like LMG and you are either veteran user at them in GRFS or you are good with them, write down tips for new comers so that we could encourage players to use them a bit more. My tips are: 1. Always unlock a bipod of a sort when you play with a LMG, there will be times where you need to use them, but sometimes going prone can also solve the situation. 2. LMG have a great amonut of recoil if they aren´t being mounted so it is obvious that long range kills are not they way to go. I suggest that even though this might sound like a bad idea try to hip fire and get close to you enemy, most likely you will win the conflict. 3.Use that supression, especially if you are capping a critical objective, defending it or trying to get the objective, it is a lot harder for your enemy team to get to the objective when there is flying a massive amounts of bullets at their way and don´t be afraid to spray and pray, if you die you probably would´ve died soon anyway and in most occasion, supressing enemies even at longer ranges will reward you multiple kills, just use those bipods or be prone. 4.Be aware of your surroundings. As always but especially with a LMG it is important to see what is going on, if you don´t go to cover soon enough when you have mounter that bipod, trust me, you will be dead pretty quickly and it takes a quite a while to deploy/undeploy them. 5.Ammo boxes are a must, even though they have made a more occasion appearance in the battlefield, use the ammo box, you are the support so it is common sense to be the one with ammo also. The other reason to use ammo boxes is that LMG´s are spray and pray weapons and they have much recoil, not to mention the value of supressing, that the LMG´s tend to burn out all the ammo pretty quickly so try to deploy ammo boxes in a regular basis. Those are mine tips for LMG´s and hopefully others will give us more and I know there is more than these, unfortunately I can´t feature any kind of gameplay footage on how to play with LMG´s but if somebody can do that it would be appreciated.
  2. Well my opinion is that they are all good, rifleman is the main force who can simply push the other team out of the way with his rifles, LMG make objectives hard to get when you are supressed, engineer might have weak weapons but hi has a lot of good equipment with him, the UAV, sensor grenades (although anoying) and turrets that will ruin your tactics in a second. Scouts have their smg and their camo makes flanking easy when you use SMG´s and trust me, you don´t want to have a scout using sniper that aims at the objective, as long as he is alive, your team can not get the objective.
  3. I agree with jedi and with many others. I do like your suggestions but mostly as a directional ones as all of those as they are written might be a bit too much, but maybe some tweaks to them or some feature off it would be pretty balanced so good job indeed.
  4. I agree that scout with SMG was an OK class to play with but it saddens me that the real snipers who prefer snipers over SMG have to struggle so much to keep their K/D over 1, for me it was about 1 out of 5 matches in the last weeks of beta and maybe it was just that spawn camping which was easy to do or something else but it seemed so hard for me to play with a sniper in most occasions.
  5. Well I'm going to buy it because I'm obsessed of having about everything in my games but who said you absolutely have to buy DLC if it's out there. Sure it brings some more content but you can just buy it later if you don't want to buy it instantly.
  6. Have you tried scouts lately, it feels so unbalanced for me to play with that class. ARs kill you with 1 to the head and 3 to the body and they are almost non recoil fully automatic killing machines suitable for taking out anyone from close to long range. Snipers are single shot and work almost the same way requiring 2 to body instead of 3 but as they are single shot weapons lag affects them much more and at a time you shoot 2 bullets to body, ARs can shoot 4-5 bullets at that time. This might be just me but it feels so hard to play sniping scout in GR:FS
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