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  1. 30+ is seeking 2 team oriented members to join our clan. Please visit us at http://ghostrecon.30plus.org/index.php
  2. Ok... i've been working on this problem for 2 days and i'm about ready to turn in my sa80. Had an old crusty radeon 7200, bought a new radeon 9600. Installed ... everything went fine.. No conflicts.. all my game run like a dream.. .EXCEPT for... Ghost recon. Gr is the reason I bought the card. Here's the problem. Load up the game no problem. Can access the menu, and adjust any and everything in options. If I select a single player game, if I select training, if I start a multiplayer game I can move if I use the w key, but as soon as I move the mouse I lock up and am forced to restart the whole machine. I've done everything but a backflip to get this thing to work, and 2 times last night it worked for maybe a couple of minutes, but eventually we lock up tight. I've reached the outer limits in patience with it, and i'm absolutley devastated I can't play with the rest of my team. I have checked and re-checked. Installed and uninstalled and nothing is working. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Couldn't agree more Thumper! Whisper as you know i'm not a mod maker.... but I was curious if your mod would incorporate female voice as well????
  4. Chavez.............You guys having more fun than us??????????
  5. Fantastic Screenies!!!!! Any chance you'll be creating a long haired brunette with highlights...lol. Seriously I for one cannot wait to play in a female skin. ((( bout time ))) I've used hx4 in the past, but I don't care for the weapon selection so I find myself again with a 5 0'clock shadow...ACK!! Whisper anything I can do to help you, or promote you in any way, i'd be happy to. Keep up the good work. http://ghostrecon.30plus.org/
  6. WOW i'm thrilled to see a female modder, bout time. I'd do it myself, but i'm only creative when it comes to tossing frags. Can't wait to see what you've done. When can we see come screenies???? ~R~ http://ghostrecon.30plus.org/index.php
  7. Ghost's of 30+ are currently looking for mature, fun folks to join our team. We play for fun as well as competition. If your interested in joining us, or for more information visit our site at http://ghostrecon.30plus.org/ or contact me via email at rain@30plus.org Join us for games! Thanks for your time.
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