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  1. Lol, false. It's May 2012, still no release
  2. This thread is here now for anyone who has spare keys to post them here. Trying to keep all this into 1 place. Sry to see you had trouble, but as posted above, a little research would of avoided the confusion. Also make use of the PM system to contact the person who posted the key. I had trouble? Countless numbers of other people had trouble. T_T
  3. OK. I'm gonna post this so people won't waste their time with this thread. 1st of all: THESE BETA KEYS DO NOT WORK. 2nd of all: YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE US WEBSITE OF GHOST RECON ONLINE. THEN YOU WILL GET THE SCREEN TO REDEEM YOUR KEY. Besides, the beta key won't work. Don't waste your time.
  4. Lmao, I just went to the US website. It showed me that I can use the key on it. I copied and pasted my key. "The beta key is invalid or has already been used" Yeah, CVG keys won't work. How come? ' And also, why hasn't Ubisoft sent me a key already, like I said, I waited for a key from Ubisoft since January?
  5. I just got my beta key from CVG. I logged in to my Uplay account so I can redeem my beta key. "YOU ARE IN THE BETA QUEUE" ###### IS THIS? This really ###### me off, as I was in the beta queue since January for ######'s sakes. I FINALLY got my beta key (not even from Ubisoft) and this is what I get? It seemingly works well for everyone else. How the hell do you fix this?
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